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How to Socialize During Social Distancing

Social distancing has made it difficult for everyone, extroverted or not, to get their well-needed social interactions. Unless you’re already rooming with your besties, going online is the only way to actually interact with them. Just regular ol’ FaceTime can admittedly get old after a while, so here are some ways you can spice up your online hangout sessions.

Movie Night

Yes, you can still have movie nights and binge-watching parties with your friends online! Netflix has made this easier with the new Netflix Party installation for Chrome, which also allows for use of a chatbox on the side for viewers to quietly react and discuss their thoughts and theories on whatever they’re watching. Need recommendations on what to watch for your next Netflix party? No problem! Check out our recs here (and, if you’re looking for romance in particular for a girls’ night, click here).

Game Night

A lot of people are already taking advantage of the connectivity of their favorite video games right now, whether they’re playing co-op or visiting each other’s deserted islands. Whether you consider yourself a gamer or not, there are still plenty of options for when you want to have a fun virtual game night with friends. A variety of board and card games are available online, from Scrabble to the friendship-ending Monopoly. Plus, many of these games, including Cards Against Humanity, are available for free virtual play—just create a room, share the link with friends, and you’re good to go!  But, if you don’t mind spending some extra money, I’d definitely recommend trying out some of the JackBox game packs to screen share at your next online hangout—they are fun, addictive, and hilarious to play!

Drinking Party

This one does not require much explanation. Any virtual hangout can be spiced up with a little added alcohol—just make sure you drink responsibly! Even if your friends are from around the world, just remember: it’s Happy Hour somewhere.

Silent Book Club

Perfect for those of us who are introverts but still want to feel connected, silent book club meetings have already been a thing around the world—now, we can continue to have these meet-ups virtually! There is no assigned reading—instead, everyone takes out whatever book they want and begins reading in the comfort of their own homes. Sessions also include pre- and post-reading discussions, so participants can make new friends, catch up on their reading, and even get some good book recs!

Powerpoint Parties

You read that right. Inspired by the quaran-teens who are filling their extra free time by leading their own entertaining classes, the idea is to make a PowerPoint about any topic and present it to your “students” in your own online class. This is a great opportunity to get creative, inform your friends on something you’re really passionate about, and maybe even find new interests from the presentations of others. So open up that blank PowerPoint, put some notes together, and plan your presentation: whether you want to rank your favorite band’s albums, delve into the validity of an urban legend, or just rant about the garbage finale of your ex-favorite TV show, the choice is yours!

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