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Find Out How Well Your Partner Knows You

How well do you and your partner know each other? How clear are your memories from your early days as a couple? How well do you remember personal information you may have shared from before you even met? Here’s a fun date idea to find out!

A romantic scavenger hunt is a great way to channel your inner childhood imagination and to have a little fun. You and your partner create lists of locations and objects to find and then provide riddles to lead your partner to them. Once the person solves the riddle and actually goes to the designated place, he or she will take a picture for proof and cross it off the list.

The first person to check everything off would be declared the winner. Make the stakes high so you’re both encouraged to be more competitive. If you want to go really big, perhaps include in the rules that the winner gets to choose your next vacation destination. If you want the stakes to be something smaller, maybe just say that the winner gets to choose what your next date night gets to be.

The first step is planning out the list of locations that will be the answers to your riddles. One idea is to have the clues lead to spots that had significance in your relationship. Maybe one riddle could lead to the spot where you first met or where you had your first date. Another may lead to the place where you shared a sunset view or ran into someone famous.

Get creative with it! Try to make riddles that make your partner have to do some deep thinking or interpreting. There are plenty of ideas on sites like Pinterest.

“This one’s easy, just take a look…you’ll find the next clue inside my favorite book,”
is one example of a riddle on Pinterest which suggests to hide one clue in your favorite book at the local library.

Another idea is to add riddles based on memories you told your partner about your past. Can they remember where you said you held your first job or where you said you and your friends used to gather for pizza? How carefully did they listen to your childhood tales?

If you’ve read the novel or have seen the 2014 film Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, you know that Amy and Nick created some pretty elaborate scavenger hunts for each other. If you aren’t familiar with the story, you may want to watch it to get inspiration!

Scavenger hunts can take many forms and contain various rules. For example, are you allowed to “phone a friend” for help? Should you set up a time frame to meet to compare lists? Make sure to think these things through beforehand.

You and your partner can design the hunt based on your personal preferences, but one rule is probably the most important and should always be included… agree to keep it fun! Hurt feelings are not allowed if your partner’s memory is a little fuzzy on remembering some of the details of your courtship. Instead, use your partner’s poor memory to your benefit and start planning where you want to go for your next vacation!

Featured Image by Pablo Merchán Montes on Unsplash

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