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Can’t Sleep? 5 Simple Tips for You

Poor sleep can be tremendously wearing on your body. Practically everyone has experienced the feeling of tossing and turning for hours. Let’s face it: it’s dreadful!

1. Maintain a Schedule

Sleep schedules can be difficult to maintain with our busy lives. We all have internal clocks. These can only be stable if we put effort into maintaining our schedules. It’s totally okay to take this slowly! For instance, a first step might be to try getting to sleep and waking up within the same hour every day.

2. Disconnect Prior to Sleeping

With all the ways we are digitally connected today, it can be difficult to disconnect. However, it is essential that we do so. Although it can be tempting to absentmindedly scroll before bed, this harms your sleep. The blue light emitted from your phone or computer can both decrease and worsen the quality of sleep. Consider alternative before-bed activities.

3. Say NO to Caffeine (…late in the day)

Most people have heard about the harmful effects of caffeine. However, it’s hard for anyone to quit cold-turkey! We all know how hard that morning cup of caffeinated happiness hits…So, start slowly and try cutting caffeine out of your evenings. In addition, set reminders for yourself to be aware of your intake.

4. Get Out of Bed

If you can’t sleep, you likely experience those dreaded thoughts while watching time tick by: If I go to sleep now I’ll have gotten five hours, and so on. However, this is an incredibly dangerous cycle of thoughts. Ultimately, you will be more anxious, causing you to fall asleep later. Instead, consider getting out of bed, doing a calming activity, and getting out of that negative headspace.

5. Find your Calm

Often, people who can’t sleep have extremely active minds. Moreover, it can seem as if they are yapping away when sleep is most crucial. Calming your mind can be helpful in improving quality and duration of sleep. There are many ways to go about this, such as podcasts, comforting books, and classical music. Find more ideas here

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