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Indian Race Spreads Cancer Awareness

A recent study by the World Health Organization reported that one in 12 women in urban India will develop cancer in their lifetime. A group of Indian women have decided to drive this message home – literally!

Women in India are creating buzz about issues related to women’s health and well-being with their annual Times Women’s Drive Rally. The event, which was created in 2009, is focusing its attention this year on spreading awareness and raising funds in support of women’s cancer research.

The event is the country’s longest and largest car rally. This year’s drive is the longest one yet, spanning over the course of two days, from April 29th – April 30th. It is also the largest yet, with approximately 1,350 women from Mumbai, Pune, and Bangalore, the rally’s starting points, registering to participate.

At the conclusion of the two-day rally, during which the teams get to enjoy the beautiful landscapes and backdrops of their country, they will meet up at India’s favorite beach destination, Goa.

Last year, the female participants took to social media to show off the cars they had decorated for the event. Cars were plastered with images of social messages and issues relating to women. They asked their families and friends to vote for them because this voting system was their way to make it onto the list of participants.

Although this is technically a car rally, it is also a rallying of women in support of issues important to them. Female drivers from the three participating cities will not only be competing for best finish times, they will also be competing in categories like Best Dressed Team, Best Dressed Car, and Most Active on Social Media with their message.

The drive has continued to grow in size and momentum every year since its conception. It has become a platform for the modern Indian woman to show off her spirit and voice her concerns with matters that affect women.

The rally is sponsored by The Times of India, an English language daily newspaper in India.

The Times of India felt the need to create a platform that celebrates the spirit of womanhood and salutes the stories of triumph and empowerment among cancer survivors – Women with Drive. It is a platform created to sensitize and engage women to be a part of a movement that spreads education and awareness on women’s cancer,” the event’s website states.

The event’s site also encourages women to take their passion beyond social media, stating, “It’s no longer about taking a pledge, liking and sharing content and stories or having long passionate arguments in the living room about power of women, feminism or determining for themselves what is moral, just, and right. It’s about taking action, steering your driving wheel across a mind bending rallying format and stamping a badge of achievement on yourself like none other.”

While using social media platforms to raise awareness is a great way to alert people on social issues, it is important to also put yourself out there for your cause! The Time’s Woman Drive does just that.

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