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Injury? Come Back Stronger!

An injury can feel like a major setback if you’ve been training hard and are on the path to achieving your goals. Furthermore, being forced to cease physical exercise can result in feelings of hopelessness and depression; after all, it took a lot to create and maintain your routine! Thankfully, there are various ways to get back to your fitness gains. Here are some tips for coming back stronger post-injury. 

Take it Slowly

Although this can feel tedious and unsatisfying, it is crucial to take it slow. Often, when people get the okay from the doctor, they try to get right back to where they had been prior to their injury. Although this can be tempting, it is counterproductive. If you try to do too much after being injured, you risk getting injured again or being more setback than you already were. Unfortunately your body is not where it was, but it takes a very long period of inactivity to lose a significant amount of muscle mass. Start with small workouts that are within your comfort level. Muscle memory will guide you, and sooner than you know it, you’ll be back to it. 

Set New Goals

During the recovery process, it’s important to focus on the present. Disregard old goals – if you don’t, you’ll quickly realize that you are not up to it. Although it can be painful and upsetting, the only way to build up your strength is by setting new goals that are within your reach. In order to get back on your fitness journey, you need to rebuild your body as well as your motivation.

Stay Positive

Maintaining a positive attitude can speed up your recovery process immensely. Research shows that the degree to which you have a positive attitude has a direct relationship with injury recovery speed. This is likely because stress and feelings of negativity such as depression and hopelessness often have a physical toll on the body, and thus slowing down the recovery process. Although it can be difficult to be positive, you can try small strategies such as rewarding yourself with a fancy dinner, spicing up your music playlists, or working out with a partner.

Follow a Healthy Diet

When you get injured, your body becomes inflamed. In order to restore the natural order in your body, it’s important to fill yourself with nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to will help rebuild your muscles. Your diet thus plays a large role in recovery. Some of the best recovery foods to facilitate the process are proteins, good fats, and tons of fruits and vegetables. An easy way to fill all these fruit groups is to incorporate superfood meals into your day. 

Take a few little steps, develop routines, and start making the gains.

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