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International Women’s Day: A Look Back at the Last 12 Months

In honor of International Women’s Day 2019, we have compiled a list of our top NYMM articles and feminist moments of the past 12 months. 

1. Ada Hegerberg Makes History as First Woman to Receive Ballon D’or
“The 23-year-old Norwegian international player stared down sexism on a global scale when she was asked if she knew how to ‘twerk’ by French DJ Martin Solveig during her acceptance of the Ballon D’or.

Hegerberg was the first woman to receive the Ballon D’or this December, arguably the greatest individual honor that can be given in all of professional soccer. The Ballon D’or is presented on behalf of France Football, and since 1956 has been awarded to only the best male soccer players.”
– Eva Challen

2. Manscaped: a New Era of Equality
“Manscaping (v)
: a word that is considered some of Webster’s finest work (don’t quote me). It means, in essence, taking stylistic and comfortable control over the male body and body hair. It’s taking back your back from back hair. It’s naturalizing some serenity into your nether region. It’s cleaning up what seems, at times, uncleanable. (Okay, you can quote me.)

And it’s a word that absolutely deserves being put to good use. Besides, it’s not just men that think that below-the-belt grooming is a fantastic addition to any morning or pre-date routine.

In fact, 80 percent of women reportedly think that men should manscape below the belt, according to an independent study. Maybe you or your next love are within that 80 percent, and really, doesn’t equality truly mean that everyone is comfortable and happy with their own bodies, as well as their partners’?”
– ZZ Lundburg

3. Almost Half of Men Fired Due to #MeToo Replaced by Women
“More than a year has passed since the original release of the Harvey Weinstein harassment accusations, which brought the #MeToo movement into the forefront of many global conversations.

While at times it may seem as though there is more talk than action, a recent New York Times report shows actual progress occurring from the movement. A Times analyst had completed an in-depth investigation into the powerful men who have lost their jobs due to sexual assault allegations in the wake of the Weinstein scandal. There were about 200 men accused by 920 victims, 98 of whom have since been replaced. Of the 98 replaced, 51 were filled (in either an interim or permanent position) by a woman.”
– Amanda Keohane

4. 17-Year-Old Creates an Unbiased News Source for Teens

“Spurred on by growing distrust in mass media following the presidential election, 17-year-old Jesse Anderson set out tocreate an unbiased news outlet for teens. This student activist wants ‘people to recognize that one voice their voice–can change the world. ‘Her website, News for Young Advocates Today (NYAToday), works to ‘engage, excite, and educate youth about issues in the political sphere.’ The 33-person staff, comprised of young women and men from no less than 13 different countries, strives to lend a voice to those groups which would otherwise go unheard.”
– Gabe Cabrera

5. Stephen Hawking was a Feminist

“…Morgan began by insinuating that having five female leaders in the UK – Queen Elizabeth II, British Prime Minister Theresa May, Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, Home Secretary Amber Rudd, and Met Police Commissioner Cressida Dick–must be scientific proof of gender equality. 

Hawking simply replied, ‘it is not scientific proof of gender equality that is required, but general acceptance that women are at least the equals of men or better.’ Even the world’s most famous scientist knows that feminism has nothing to do with science – it simply has to do with being decent to one another! And Hawking believed we are on our way to this gender equality as a country, immediately adding, ‘this is coming.'”
– Sam McCollom


What were your favorite stories of the past year? Let us know if the comments below!


Featured Image by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash



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