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Jason Sudeikis: Feminism is a No Brainer

Jason Sudeikis, an actor and comedian known for his roles in We’re The Millers and Horrible Bosses, is a proud father and supporter of gender equality.

In an interview with BUST Magazine, Sudeikis was asked if he considers himself to be a feminist. He answered the question with enthusiasm saying, “Very much so. Yeah, for sure. At its truest sense, I believe that males and females should be treated equally and everybody [should be] valued as such with the lights off when it’s just bones and soul.”

Sudeikis and his fiancée, Olivia Wilde, are proud parents of two children and have tried to raise them to appreciate and “value people for what’s within.” They hope that their children will experiment with their identity and grow up to become exactly who they want to be.

In an interview, Wilde – an avid supporter of gender equality – told Yahoo! Beauty that her son, Otis, would be raised to understand and value feminism. She said, “In terms of feminism, yes, I like to think he’s already a little feminist. And he is. He’s a really good guy. I want to promote the idea that the definition of feminism is equality and it’s something that’s not difficult to teach children because they are born with that sensibility. They are only taught to separate people and value them differently once they get older.”  

Sudeikis does not seem to harbor any fears about bringing a little girl into this world because he believes she will have all of the role models she will ever need. In an interview, he told People Magazine, “My joke, when we had Otis was, at least, having a boy, I have a better understanding of how I’m going to screw him up. But with a little girl, I mean, she couldn’t have a better role model in [fiancée Olivia Wilde] and my sisters and Olivia’s sisters and our mothers.”

He has also found that having a daughter has strengthened his support for gender equality and women’s rights. Sudeikis joined Wilde in attending the Women’s March in Washington D.C. When asked by Yahoo! News if he had to be dragged along he said, “I was very excited to participate. No dragging. It was a no brainer for me. I’ve been very lucky to be surrounded by incredibly strong women my entire life.”

In the interview, he continued to explain his reasoning for attending the march and said, “Now we’ve made our own tiny woman and I am concerned about what she is going to have to look forward to as she gets older. So, for me, this is not just about women’s rights. Women’s rights are human rights and it would be silly for me not to be here.”

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