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Jessica Seinfeld’s GOOD+: Helping Parents and Children Escape Poverty

Every day, millions of families struggle with poverty. Not only do many impoverished children live without some of the privileges and joys of childhood like toys and candy, but they also oftentimes must live without food or medicine. Their parents must make some of the hardest sacrifices, deciding between paying for rent, car insurance, or shoes for their kids.

Fortunately, organizations like the GOOD+ Foundation exist to do something about the poverty that makes it so hard for so many families. “The GOOD+ Foundation partners with a national network of leading programs to break the cycle of family poverty through the power of donated goods and transformational services.”

The GOOD+ Foundation was founded by Jessica Seinfeld in 2001, just after she gave birth to her first child, with her husband, Jerry Seinfeld. According to the GOOD+ Foundation, Seinfeld wanted to find a way to donate some of her daughter’s old baby items to neighbors in New York City who were in need.

Through the years, the foundation has been met with huge success. By 2016, the GOOD+ Foundation was established in a partnership with over 100 programs that work to combat poverty. The foundation has donated about 20 million items to these programs.  

The foundation partners with programs that provide long-term support for parents by training them for jobs, counseling them, and much more, all in an effort to provide a better future for the entire family. While the parents continue to receive the support they need, the GOOD+ Foundation also provides for the children by offering essential child gear and necessities that families cannot afford.

“In this way, we use a two-generation approach to helping families by providing immediate material needs for a child, while his or her parents take the steps necessary to move the family toward a brighter future.”

The GOOD+ Foundation has a few main goals of “improving the chances for low-income moms and their children to outgrow poverty; empowering dads so they can fully embrace fatherhood and the responsibilities that accompany this role; and, supporting programs that provide high-quality early education and engage parents in the healthy development of their children.”

On Wednesday, May 31st, the foundation held its 11th annual NY Bash. According to Good Celebrity, the event was incredibly successful, as plenty of celebrities gathered in Central Park and helped “raise $600,000 for families in need.”

Speaking of the event, Jessica Seinfeld said, “At GOOD+, we have learned that strengthening the entire family starts with helping the parents first, and the overwhelming success of Bash every year shows that New York City supports what we are doing, and that is truly inspiring.”

However, the celebrities invited to this event are not the only people allowed to contribute to the success of this important foundation. Anyone can help parents in need to support their children by giving money, goods, or time.

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    Janice Henshaw

    June 21, 2017 at 2:07 pm

    It’s so good to learn about “Good +” and all the wonderful work helping families.
    Great story.
    Thank you,

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