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Jewelry Company Fights Trafficking in Nepal

Approximately 28 million people live in Nepal, and about half of the population find themselves living below the poverty line. As countless men migrate to the Middle East to find jobs, women and children are left behind. They become vulnerable to the threat of exploitation and human trafficking, which has begun to expand rapidly within the country.

Women living below the poverty line are increasingly likely to fall prey to these human trafficking schemes, or be enslaved into the Indian sex industry, for which Nepal is considered a “feeder” country.

One nonprofit organization has decided to defend these women’s safety, and they are doing so by allowing women in Nepal the opportunity to provide for themselves.

MULXIPLY sells simple, elegant jewelry and accessories that are handmade by women in Nepal. This nonprofit’s aim is to employ at-risk women so that they can provide for themselves and avoid the lurking human trafficking operations that masquerade as employment opportunities.

MULXIPLY has partnered with The Association for Craft Producers Nepal (ACP), founded in 1984. These organizations understand the crucial need for women’s employment in such regions.

MUXIPLY is a project of GIVEGIVE, and Tanja Cesh resides as the founder. She found herself in Nepal for business, and knew she had to pursue her work there. Cesh said, “sometimes I think Nepal picked me. I can’t explain it. But from day one, it was a place where meaningful relationships were built and organizations opened their doors to me to show me ‘hope’ first hand.”

Cesh is certainly spreading hope that is as valuable as it is necessary. She mentioned that she is “ever committed to Nepal by creating dignified jobs. Employment and education are the most effective tools in preventing human trafficking. Full stop.”

Her determination and adamancy has been spreading positive change all over Nepal. The founding 38 producers of ACP, partner of MULXIPLY, have since grown to now employ over 1,200 artisans, and their workforce is 90 percent female.

MULXIPLY’s mission has produced something extremely significant in combating the dangers that women in Nepal face every day. Be sure to check out their accessories here if you’d like, as the results of this project – jewelry aside – are nothing short of beautiful.

Featured Image by Wonderlane on Flickr
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