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Jump! The ’90s to the Rescue

I don’t know about you, but the cold weather has already overstayed it’s welcome…and it’s not even Thanksgiving week yet! All I want to do is stay home, drink hot tea and wrap myself with blankets.
But life doesn’t stop with inconvenient weather, so for a boost of energy, let’s travel back in time to the best decade and JUMP!
Kris Kross were two young boys with a catchy pop tune wearing cool overalls (I wish I has never thrown mine away). Yeah, they made us jump. Yes, you will have this tune stuck in your head all day long, but that’s the point. Jumping will warm you up. The person next to you on the train will just think you’re insane…so you’ll fit right in.

Check out the video for Jump!:

Featured Image by Lindsey Seïde
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