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Keys, Phone, Wallet: the Easiest DIYs to Customize Your Necessities

Keys – check, wallet – check, phone – check. This may sound like your everyday routine checklist before heading out the door, but today, it’s something more! To make things fun, we’ve decided to find some DIYs that will add some color to your everyday essentials! If you need to spruce up your phone case, invest in a new wallet, or customize your keys, these DIYs offer just what you need.

Phone Case Fun

Provided by BuzzFeed and created by Sea Lemon, this DIY is so easy that there aren’t more than three steps to it. All you’ll need is a solid-color phone case and a temporary tattoo of your choice (or many, if you’d prefer a collage!) Transfer the temporary tattoo onto your case, let it dry, and then spray it with a clear varnish to seal it. Judging by how cute temporary tattoos can be, this phone case is bound to be a masterpiece.

Customizable Keys

Here’s to adding some fun to the little things. This DIY, posted by Homedit, will make an integral part of your day a bit more stylish! To help differentiate your keys when you’re fumbling around for the right one, try adding some color. You’ll need nail polish, clear nail polish, and (optional) a hairdryer. As you may have suspected, this DIY is in fact as easy as it sounds. Coat the top half of your key with the nail polish color of your choice. Apply some clear coat and then let dry or speed up the process with a hairdryer.

No-Sew-Wallet DIY
This DIY is super crafty, but pictures of the resulting masterpiece look totally worth it. There’s also no sewing involved! If your wallet is beginning to look worn, consider making your own. You’ll need: copy paper, tape, stud grommets, leather (faux is fine, of course), leather glue, scissors, and a strong hole punch.

Always Rooney outlines the steps on her DIY blog. As stated, you’ll need to “tape two pieces of copy paper together and fold into three equal sections hot dog style. Unfold and then fold in sides to meet in the middle. You should have three sections horizontal and four sections vertical. Cut the top outside sections and bottom outside sections – this will make a plus sign. Mark out your pattern on the leather and cut out. Fold in the middle flaps and then fold up the long bottom flap. Mark where you want your holes to go and then hole punch through the leather, through both layers of leather. Secure with grommets.”

You can customize the front of the wallet however you’d like! Check out pictures of Always Rooney’s here.

There you have it: your essentials made – literally – easy. Next time you grab your phone, wallet, and keys, you’ll be able to admire your own handiwork, or at least appreciate the newly-understood work it takes to make a wallet.

Featured Image by trickmonet on Flickr

Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

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