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Kitchen Tools from Amazon That Will Empower Your Cooking Routine

New York Minute is all about empowering women and helping them reach their full potential. We’ve seen a bunch of badass women like Teri from No Crumbs Left, Alex from The Defined Dish, and even our very own founder Sarah, who use cooking and healthy eating as means of living their best lives.

Cooking is creative and fun, but sometimes you need a little support. Even though friends and family can be helpful, the right kitchen tools can really make a difference. Keep reading for some innovative cooking accessories you can find on Amazon!

Have you ever seen that Whole Foods commercial where a woman grabs a bunch of egg cartons because she wants to put an egg on everything? Eggs on salad, eggs on burgers, eggs on ramen… the list goes on and on. Eggs are all the rage right now and they’re also super healthy because they contain protein and may even have essential omega-3 fatty acids.

They’re not always easy to cook, though. Seriously, poaching an egg is an art. That’s where this egg poacher/egg cooker comes in. This awesome device can cook up to seven eggs at once and can achieve a variety of softnesses for boiled eggs. It also has a tray for poached eggs and omelets, all while speeding up your cooking time and saving water.


A good salad can be refreshing and energizing, but it can be super irritating when the whole salad isn’t mixed well and you get big chunks of one ingredient. The ideal bite should have a little bit of everything.

This bowl lets you mix all of your ingredients without chopping anything. Once everything is in, turn it upside down and run a knife through the slots on the bottom. Rotate the bottom and cut again, this time in a different direction. This ensures that all of your ingredients are evenly cut and well-mixed, so each bite is representative of the salad as a whole instead of just one ingredient or another.

When you’re trying to eat healthily, sometimes you have to say farewell to the things you love most: goodbye pizza, goodbye bread, goodbye pasta. A very popular hack for replacing pasta, though, is having vegetable noodles. There are so many options: spaghetti squash, sweet potato ribbons, zucchini noodles, carrot noodles, etc. Cutting the vegetable thin enough to resemble a noodle, however, is difficult.

A spiralizer totally solves that problem. You can essentially take any long, round veggie and place it in this tool to make a variety of noodles. This specific spiralizer is really cool because it can make different shapes, which means it’s useful for a lot of versatile projects.

Even if you are eating healthily, sometimes you just have to bake something, like a cake or cupcakes. And when you do, you just have to lick the frosting off the whisk because why would you waste anything? But there are always those little crevices in the whisk that you just can’t reach, either with your tongue or a sponge. Not only is this a total tragedy, it’s also just plain irritating and can be unsanitary.

This whisk wiper solves that problem. Slide it onto the whisk before you use it and then slide it back off when you’re done. Everything that was on the whisk will be wiped off, cleaning the whisk and providing an easier surface from which to lick frosting.

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