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Ladies, Only You Know the Struggle

Women experience life differently than their men counterparts not only by their anatomy but their unlucky run-ins with petty situations. Somehow, we deal with things on a day to day basis that make life even more difficult. As if we didn’t have menstrual monstrosities visiting us once a month. Ladies, you can relate to the rest of the struggles below.

1.Public Wedgies

With confidence you put on your sexy pair of cheeky’s only to regret the decision in a rather public setting. Sitting, walking, running, the scenarios are endless. Honestly, just pick it.

2.Boob Sweat

The tickle running down your belly is not a spider that miraculously inhabited your bra. It’s a drop of sweat you were not even aware of. You may not even feel overheated. But, hopefully your bra saved you from two dark crescents in your shirt. For the braless… I’m sorry.

3.Unbreathable Sports Bras

Speaking of boobs, you ever have to stop your workout because your sports bra refuses to allow your lungs to expand? Stop, pull, breathe and release. They’re supposed to hold everything in place but sheesh.

4.Period Surprises

As often as we attempt to keep a refined schedule of when to menstruate and when not, our bodies tend to decide otherwise. Especially, when you’re unprepared. Go head. Admit you’ve spun squares and squares of toilet paper just to keep the stains away. We know the struggle.

5.Ooh Hair Ties

Pesky pieces of rubber. Ever take out a hair tie and feel like you ripped out the entire middle of your head? Same. Ever try to put in a hair tie and it pops right on the last loop? Oh yeah. The best is when you think you don’t need one and then magically the perfect moment appears to tie your hair up…and it’s gone.

6.Stupid Skirts

It’s borderline impossible to be Clueless cute when your skirt refuses to cooperate. Pulling down every time you stand up or even while walking just makes you regret putting it on in the first place.


Deodorant, body oil, baby powder, what in the world will keep the inside of your legs from causing such uncomfortable friction? Thick thighs are fun until they start to rub.

8.24hr Body Hair

You shave, get out the shower, moisturize only to wake up the next day feeling not so smooth. Girls with thick hair, you know the struggle. Hair is natural and completely fine to have on your body. But when you want it gone, it just never seems to stay gone.

9.Confident Eyebrow Plucking

Maybe you don’t have time to get waxed or threaded, so you pick up those tweezers… and wish 20 minutes later you hadn’t. Just follow the arch, clean it up a little you tell yourself. Ladies, go to the salon and save yourself unnecessary anxiety.

10.Purses aka Endless Pits

Even those who abide only by a wristlet still encounter the struggle. The one thing you need falls in the deep dark depths of your bag right when you need it. Lip gloss, cards, coins, earrings and every other random necessity ceases to exist once your bag kindly swallows it.

Featured Image by Sarah Deal on Pexels

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