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Libby App Brings Library to You


When we were little, we all had those pesky library cards that were used to check out books. As the invention of the Nook, Kindle, and iPad made it easier for everyone to access ebooks, the library card became a thing of the past. So what did we do with those old library cards? They are probably collecting dust in our wallets or hiding in the back of our drawers, just waiting for the day we might use them once again.

While ebooks are easier to download, they can be expensive. Libby is a new app that allows you to use your old library card to check out ebooks from your local library for free.

Libby was created in order to allow more people the opportunity to enjoy quick access to ebooks and audiobooks. Their hope is to get more people reading “as quickly and seamlessly as possible.”

The app is easy to use. You can use “One tap to find a library near you, one tap to discover something new, one tap to instantly read or listen to the book you borrow, one tap to a shelf that has everything you’re reading and listening to and all the books you want to read, and one tap to finding your next great read at any library where you have a library card.”

A company called OverDrive, which “is the leading digital platform for most of the world’s public libraries,” created the app. According to their website, the company “provides the industry’s largest catalog of ebooks, audiobooks, streaming video and periodicals to 34,000 libraries and schools worldwide, including 93 percent of US public libraries.”

In order to get started with the app, simply select your local library, dust off that old library card, and download Libby. If you can’t find your old physical library card, the app will show you where to go in order to apply or get a new card. You can also create an OverDrive account in order to save your library card. Once you enter your card information, you can begin reading.

According to their website, “In Libby, you can sign in using your OverDrive account on any device and your library cards will automatically load. An OverDrive account will also allow you to take advantage of all the great features at and your library’s OverDrive website, and to receive recommendations and reviews to help find your next favorite book.”

Libby is free for download and available on both iOS and Android devices.

Featured Image Joe Crawford on Flickr

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    August 12, 2017 at 10:05 pm

    Libby SUCKS! The only reason. I use it is that i am forced to if i we t audio books from the library unintuitive and often malfunctioning it is driving me to Audible. Please fix

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