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Lilly Singh Campaigns for #GirlLove

Lilly Singh, a Canadian social media guru and YouTube sensation better known by her stage name, “Superwoman,” is using her massive online platform to spread positivity and community amongst women everywhere via a campaign titled #GirlLove. All revenue made in this campaign will be donated to the Malala Fund, an organization dedicated to make education accessible for girls around the globe.

The vlogger turned internationally recognized media figure has built her content on humor, motivation, and empowerment. Currently creating content on YouTube as well as serving as a touring motivational speaker, Singh also published her inspirational guidebook, “How to Be a Bawse” in March 2017.

With over 11 million subscribers via her YouTube channel, ||Superwoman||, the viral sensation uses her influence on the internet to advocate and strengthen generations of women throughout the world. Singh’s recent videos discuss what the YouTuber refers to as “girl-on-girl hate,” a trend she find venomously contagious and damaging.

“Over 6 million girls around the world regularly watch my videos,” Singh states in an opening of her “The #GirlLove Challenge” video. “This holiday season, I decided to use that reach and speak up against girl-on-girl hate.”

The video, which premiered in December 2015, was a “web-wide” call, asking women to start a chain of compliments or positive shoutouts to the female idols in their lives using the hashtag #GirlLove. The hashtag has gone viral since Singh’s announcement, and the YouTuber has even collaborated with fellow internet personalities to promote and spread the campaign across the web. #GirlLove has also caught fire as a trending hashtag on Twitter.

“What we’ve created are impactful short videos addressing those issues and text message content that encourages us to take action,” Singh explained to Mashable. “My hope is that this content will provide girls the framework to better understand themselves in a simple way and, in turn, allow them to share that self love with their peers.”

All the money made from the #GirlLove video is donated directly to the Malala Fund. The nonprofit works with like-minded organizations to sponsor, encourage, and enable girls to complete 12 years of school. From the Nairobi’s slums, to Syrian refugee camps in Lebanon, to remote regions of Pakistan, the Malala Fund works to ensure that girls everywhere can receive a quality education.

In addition to the viral campaign, Singh has partnered with the for-profit social enterprise and online store, Me to We, selling #GirlLove Rafiki bracelets. Each bracelet is $15 and for every bracelet sold, the proceeds are donated towards girls’ primary education in Kenya. Originally, Singh’s goal was to sell 10,000 bracelets. However, since the endorsement began in 2016, Singh’s expectations were exceeded by triple of her initial goal, selling over 33,000 bracelets.

Singh has described the campaign as an impactful, worldwide movement looking to generate a community of girls and women as well as promote education for girls in developing countries.

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