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Make Your Own NYC Skyline

Everyone knows that the New York City skyline is absolutely gorgeous. The lights and skyscrapers come together to form a sight like no other. However, getting that view is a bit easier in theory than in practice. Even if you’re lucky enough to live in one of the buildings that makes up that skyline, you still don’t get that gorgeous view every day.

To remedy this tragedy, NYMM found a DIY project that will give you that beautiful view by designing your own skyline lampshade.

This project involves a few supplies to make it as beautiful as possible. You will need a functioning lamp, obviously, to stick your creation on! The only part of the lamp we are working is the lamp shade. You will also need paper, preferably black if you are hoping to replicate the lights of the skyline at night. Puncturing tools are necessary to create the design. You will also need two wire rings, ribbon, tape, clips, foam, and scissors.

To start, pick out an image of the skyline you’d like to replicate. This is entirely up to your preference! Place this image on top of your blank paper. Using the puncturing tool, which can be as simple as a thumb tack depending on how thick you want your design, punch holes all around the outline, similar to a connect-the-dots puzzle, of the picture to create your skyline. The light will shine through these holes like lights on the buildings!

When you finish the design, you can glue the two ends of your paper together to make a circle. Once this is finished, you can glue the wire rings to the top and bottom of the paper. You can use the clips to firmly attach the wires to the paper.

Once you have completed this, your lamp shade is finished! Depending on the base of your lamp that you choose to use, methods of attaching the lamp shade can vary.

After your finish this quick and easy project, you can enjoy the NYC skyline from the comfort of your home. Turn on the lamp at night and enjoy the view that you designed!

Featured Image by John Cunniff on Flickr
Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

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