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Make Your Own T-shirt Tote Bag

If you’ve ever deleted a DIY project from your wish list because it involved sewing, you’re not alone. Sometimes, DIY becomes a little too much for us novices, so NYMM decided to find something that just about everyone can handle.

We have found an awesome and easy way to make your own t-shirt tote bags

If you’ve ever needed a bag that’s cheap, machine washable, and actually cute, this is the bag for you! The only things you’ll need to get started on this project are t-shirts, scissors, and a washable marker.

For your t-shirts, you can choose just about any kind you want. However, the thicker the shirt, the sturdier your bag will be. Feel free to use some old t-shirts you haven’t worn in five years but can’t seem to part with, or find some with designs that you like. Either way, make sure it’s a design you would want to carry around with you!

Any sharp scissors will work, but if you have fabric scissors, those work best.

The first step is to cut the sleeves off of the t-shirt. Cut right along the seams, leaving a curve behind where the sleeves were. To make sure you cut the sleeves identically, fold your t-shirt in half and cut them both together. Alternatively, if your t-shirt is too thick to cut both sides at once, cut one sleeve off and then fold the shirt in half so you can use the cut side as a guide.

Next, you’ll need to cut off the neck of the t-shirt. This can again be as easy as following along the seam. Though if you’d prefer, turn the t-shirt inside out and trace the outline of a bowl around the neck. This way, you can cut along the line you have drawn. If you haven’t already turned your t-shirt inside out, you can do that now.

The next step is to determine how deep you want your bag to be. Keep in mind that the bag will stretch a little when you put things in it. When you have determined how deep you want it to be, draw a line at that length parallel to the bottom of the t-shirt.

Using this line, cut what will look like fringe at the bottom of the t-shirt. Cut straight lines from the bottom of the t-shirt to the line you drew. These slits should be on both sides of the t-shirt and should be about an inch apart.

The next part gets a bit complicated, but it is the final step! Start by taking the first two pieces of fabric at the left end of your t-shirt and tying them together in a knot. Do this two more times.

Now, in order to make sure that there are no gaps in the fabric, you need to attach the three knots. First, take one strand from the middle knot and tie it in a knot with a strand from the left knot. Next, take the other strand from the middle knot and tie it in a knot with a strand from the right knot.

Continue this pattern for the rest of the fringe. Turn the bag right side out and enjoy!

A video with an additional method can be found here:

Featured Image by Debra Roby on Flickr
Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

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