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Makenna Myler Runs 5:25 Mile. While Pregnant.

Makenna Myler: Star Runner and Now Mother

Makenna Myler, 28 year old runner, recently completed a mile with an incredible time of 5:25. However, this was no ordinary run- Myler was 9 months pregnant. This was a mere seven days prior to giving birth! Myler’s personal best mile time is 4:43.31, and when she became pregnant, she claimed to her husband that she’d be able to do a seven-minute mile in the final months of pregnancy. Her husband made things interesting, jokingly betting her $100 dollars that she wouldn’t finish the mile in under eight minutes. 

Her Pregnancy Didn’t Stop Her Training

For most (non-pregnant individuals), it’s incredibly difficult to run a mile under 8 minutes. Myler did it in under 6:00. Moreover, you might be questioning how safe this was. Makenna made sure it was safe. In fact, she had been running almost every day throughout her pregnancy, as doctors cleared her to do so. Makenna Myler’s accomplishment is empowering to, revealing that pregnancy does not have to halt training.

”I think a lot of women are showing that, that women are capable and that’s what matters…I think pregnancy is a beautiful thing and it’s not an injury or a sickness, that you’re still really capable,”

Makenna Myler on Good Morning America,

Myler Reassures Women: She is NOT a superhero

However, although Myler comes off as a superhero, she reinforces the reality of the fact that training during her pregnancy was definitely not easy. She notes how it’s crucial to listen to your body and that it’s entirely normal to be slowing down when you’re pregnant. Thankfully, she reassures, people who have not had her extensive training are not expected to perform at this level, pregnant or not.  

“I’ve had to listen to my body and really let myself recover and get a workout in if I can, if my body is feeling it, but they’re definitely few and far between.

Makenna Myler has said she plans to continue her training after giving birth; however, she is going to continue listening to her body and has no concrete goals or game plan. She has vocalized how she does not like the term “bounce-back” because she simply does not expect to be the same after giving birth.

“I hate the term bounce back because I want to be a different person and I want to change…I hope this baby brings a lot of growth and change.”

With dreams of being an olympic athlete representing America, Myler will have people all over the world waiting to see her next accomplishment. So, if you need motivation to run, think about Makena Myler who went beyond expectations and proved herself a star. 

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