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Man Outraged About Co-Worker’s Menstrual Cycle

Most women have experienced those really bad period days when your stomach feels like it’s imploding. And despite this being a totally legitimate inconvenience, we still get up, deal with it, and go to work.

One woman had a strange experience at her job regarding the subject of her period. A man she works with complained to HR after a colleague informed him that she was on her period that day. This may shock some men, but women do menstruate every month. Sorry.

Emilie, the woman in question, took to Twitter to post about the office dispute. It gained attention immediately and circulated, starting a conversation.

Originally she had posted about the encounter on a different forum, Mumsnet, where she writes, “Guy comes over to talk to me about something, notices the hot water bottle, says “‘There’s no way you’re cold today, are you?’ I say ‘um, no, it’s just for the pain relief.’ He looks confused and then literally horrified and then he walks away.”

Her supervisor, the “guy” in question, then told another person in HR that she looked unwell. Emilie continues, “he tells me that I shouldn’t disclose my medical problems to anyone who isn’t part of HR as it can make them uncomfortable.”

Obviously she explained that it was simply period cramps and she could function just fine, but wanted a little pain relief, but then was later told that if she was feeling that sick then she shouldn’t come into work.

Emilie also expressed online that she was completely taken aback by these remarks. We are too, Emilie. We are too. Not only are they sexist, that’s a given, but they’re just ridiculous. It’s a funny story, admittedly, but it exposes the minute little microaggressions that women have to deal with every day in and out of the workplace.

Emily also noted that, “other people have standing desks, weird foot rests, all kind of chairs and special backrests for their wrist pain and a hundred other things and I’m not allowed to have a hot water bottle for my menstrual cramps.” If someone had a cold and was using a heater, no one would bat an eye, but periods are so taboo that no one should dare ever mention one.

This isn’t the 1950s. It’s time we normalize the discussion about a completely natural process that is just a part of being a woman. It’s not unprofessional or unbecoming of a lady. It’s just real.

According to her, “guy” from HR was known to take meetings with important clients while lying down due to his back problems. So some man in HR can take a nap on the job but a girl can’t use a heat pad and some Midol at her desk? Alright.

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