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Manscaped: a New Era of Equality

Whether your weapon of choice is a razor, some hot wax, or a laser in your battle against body hair, we feel your pain. And we’re thinking maybe it’s time to give men some well-deserved liberty against their body hair as well, plus a new word: Manscaping.

Manscaping (v): a word that is considered some of Webster’s finest work (don’t quote me). It means, in essence, taking stylistic and comfortable control over the male body and body hair. It’s taking back your back from back hair. It’s naturalizing some serenity into your nether region. It’s cleaning up what seems, at times, uncleanable. (Okay, you can quote me.)

And it’s a word that absolutely deserves being put to good use. Besides, it’s not just men that think that below-the-belt grooming is a fantastic addition to any morning or pre-date routine.

In fact, 80 percent of women reportedly think that men should manscape below the belt, according to an independent study. Maybe you or your next love are within that 80 percent, and really, doesn’t equality truly mean that everyone is comfortable and happy with their own bodies, as well as their partners’?

As Theresa (possibly your next special lady friend) says, “It’s clean and the right thing to be doing, plus we do it, and you love it… don’t you think it’s the same for us?”

In this age of feminism and long-awaited gender equality, the ancient rule applies: do unto others as you would have them do unto you. And we believe this rule should definitely apply to shaving plus overall sculpting, shaping, and beyond.

Women have been tweezing, waxing, plucking, and razor-burning their way to smooth and comfortable skin for quite some time now. It’s time that men get to do the same. Luckily, we have just the tool to jump-start your (or your man’s) body-hair-escaping-escapades.

And that is Manscaped, a toolkit created specifically for male-grooming needs. High quality and American-made, these products are perfect for a quick, easy, and partner-approved body hair removal. A revolution in Below-The-Waist Hygiene, Manscaped provides an array of tools, from high-tech electric and classic safety razors to body wash, serums, and moisturizers to give any type of skin the love and support it needs.

Speaking of love and support, Manscaped also offers a nail kit for some hands-on love for fingers and toes. No need to venture to the salon once a week to put nails back on schedule. With a little bit of daily attention, your hands and feet will be gleaming with joy.

Mary (also possibly your next special lady friend) loves Manscaped: “I’m so happy someone has invented something that evens the playing field with personal grooming.”

So, to all it’s time to pass the torch to a new era of hair removal, for one and for all. Because we all deserve to look in the mirror and see our ideal amount of, lack of, or favorite funky-shaped fuzz.  

So power to the smooth, power to the trim, and power to the equal. Whether you like long, short, or somewhere in-between, Manscaped is the perfect addition to any bathroom counter right next to that trusty woman’s razor.

Featured Image by Manscaped

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