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Mapping your Mind with Apps

Organizing your thoughts and ideas can be the key to success, or even just to a good night’s sleep. Mind mapping, or one “creative and logical means of note-taking” by mapping out your ideas, is considered to be a “a highly effective way of getting information in and out of your brain.”

Mind maps are similar to the thought bubbles we all used to make in elementary school to help us map out a particular subject in class. While mind maps are a great way to put your ideas in one place, they are also a creative way to stop your brain from wandering all night. They help put an end to nights of no sleep when you just can’t seem to get your brain to shut up.

Here are three apps that will help you organize your thoughts and ideas:


MindNode is an app that can help you get used to mind mapping. This app helps you organize your thoughts into creative, visual representations of your ideas. Simply start with your main idea, and watch your ideas grow.

According to the app’s description, MindNode makes mind mapping delightful. Mind maps are a visual representation of your ideas, starting with a central thought and growing from there. MindNode allows you to brainstorm, organize and share your thoughts in an intuitive way, so you can focus on the idea behind it. The clean interface lets you concentrate on generating and connecting thoughts, and an infinitely expanding canvas means that no matter how big or complicated your project gets, MindNode can keep up.”

MindNode is free for download and available on iOS devices.


Mindly is an app that works similarly to MindNode in that it also encourages you to record your thoughts, ideas, and concepts into neat thought bubbles. The app can be helpful when you need to explore an idea you had, plan a speech, take notes, or capture ideas.

According to the website, “Like an expanding universe, our thoughts evolve fast. One concept leads to another and soon we have a universe of thoughts in our minds. Mindly helps organize your inner universe. Like planets that circle around the sun, moons around planets, each concept gets its place in a natural, hierarchical structure. Whether you are a manager, student, teacher, screenwriter, or novelist – we all need structure in our lives.”

The app also encourages you to check out some examples of how others have used Mindly. These examples might even inspire or help you.

Mindly is free and available for download on iOS and Android devices.

Post-it Plus:

This app provides another great way to organize your thoughts through virtual post-its. It’s a great app for all those post-it note lovers out there. Post-it Plus allows you to capture notes with your camera or to create new notes on your device.

According to the app’s description, “You can arrange, refine and organize notes and ideas on your board any way you see fit. Then share your organized board with friends and co-workers, or export to your favorite applications and cloud services including PowerPoint, Excel, PDF, Dropbox and plenty more.”

Post-it Plus is free and available for download on iOS devices.

Use any one of these apps to organize your thoughts and expand your thinking!

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