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MARC: Men Initiate Conversation on Equality

Gender equality is a goal that will take a lot of collaboration to achieve. While it is important for women to support each other and fight for their rights, it is also essential that men contribute. There are many incredible men in the spotlight that work every day towards gender equality; however, it can be hard to find ways to contribute to this movement.

Men Advocating Real Change (MARC) is an organization created by men for men who are committed to achieving gender equality.

MARC’s website explains their aim as a forum for members to openly discuss matters related to gender equality and issues they face at work or elsewhere. Their website states, “MARC offers a space for men to grapple with sticky subjects directly and honestly in a judgment-free atmosphere. Hate speech is not tolerated, but freedom of expression is expected and encouraged. MARC is a place where men can be themselves and openly discuss whatever is on their minds with respect to gender issues at work.”

The organization provides a safe space for men to speak freely about the issues and work progressively towards solutions. Women are welcome to this organization, but its purpose is specifically to bring men into the conversation.

MARC does a lot of work to ensure that its members promote equality in their workplaces. They have several programs that are aimed towards making its members’ companies become more inclusive. The critical dialogue they engage in is meant to teach them what it means to be an inclusive leader. They state, “Men are an often an untapped – yet critical – resource in diversity & inclusion (D&I) efforts aimed at eliminating gender bias.”

MARC recognizes the importance of dialogue in enacting change. Their website states, “Critical dialogue has the power to unite our workplaces and create environments where everyone feels free to share diverse perspectives and bring their full selves to work.”

Anyone can join in this important discussion and check out MARC’s incredible webpage. Even just browsing is a great place to start. The information they share can open your mind to the importance of an inclusive workplace. You can check them out here or work towards joining.

Women need support from each other and from men. In fact, men play a crucial role in the movement towards equality. MARC is a great organization that is playing a huge role in broadening the conversation about equality.

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