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Meet María Fernanda: Badass Nutritionist and Blogger

Recently, we had the pleasure of interviewing María Fernanda, passionate nutritionist and the face behind the blog, purely_healthy_living. As a dedicated recipe developer and nutritionist, she creates personalized nutrition plans, shares delicious recipes, and offers simple and honest advice regarding food and diet. Read below to learn about this badass nutritionist’s work.

What spurred you to become passionate about nutrition?

This goes back to high school, when I was taking biology class and deciding what to do with my future. I have always been so passionate about creating recipes, and with that biology class, I fell in love with the human body. That’s when I decided to take a career path that included both! On a side note, given the current global situation, spreading knowledge about nutrition and the role it plays in our health is much needed! We tend to underestimate the power of food, and that is something about which I’m passionate; food as medicine, and a way to help our bodies thrive.

Has the pandemic affected your life in regard to healthy eating?

This is a great question. I have actually been wasting less food and mainly cooking with the foods already in my pantry, freezer, or fridge. It’s a fun way to get creative in the kitchen, since we have limited times to go to the supermarket. I have been all about my pantry staples; bone broth, sardines, sustainable canned fish, and frozen goods such as my vegetables and protein meats. I have been saving more money in trendy foods, drinks, and snacks, as well as opting for more DIY recipes!

What do you recommend for easy and health on-the-go recipes?

My recommendation would be to incorporate different colors…ALWAYS! The various colors make meals fun and prettier, in addition to diversifying the nutrient content! Also, to prep in batches, maybe bake a bunch of chicken breast, fish, or tempeh for a plant based option. This never fails: protein + veggies + healthy fat. 

I recommend having a go to every macronutrient…

Fatty acids: olive oil, nuts or avocado

Protein: chicken, fish, tofu, tempeh.

Carbohydrates: vegetables, sweet potatoes, or rice.

What foods do you recommend for boosting the immune system?

Eggs are a great way to get vitamin D and zinc, so a good omelette with some bell peppers (for a good dose of vitamin C) would be a fantastic option! As well as a bone broth chicken soup with some veggies. For a plant based option, adding seeds such as pumpkin, sesame or sunflower seeds to your salads or oatmeal is a great choice. Additionally, mushrooms can be a great source of  vitamin D. (but always make sure to get that sunlight exposure as well!)

I know that you advocate for CBD. How has CBD improved your health and wellbeing?

Yes! I got some friends and family hooked with CBD as well! I saw amazing results with myself; I wasn’t waking in the middle of the night, my body felt more rested the morning after, and the CBD lotion or stick has been feeling so nice on my muscles after an exhausting day of cooking or working out. Additionally, my parents have been loving CBD. Since they both have insomnia, they have been huge fans; they sleep so much better after taking CBD tincture!

How would you advise a super picky eater who wants to have a more nutritional diet?

This is a good question because I have struggled with picky eaters all my life. My biggest tip is to start little by little. Make little swaps and don’t be afraid to try new things. Be open minded! The fact is, eating healthy doesn’t mean eating just boring salads and skipping dessert. Nowadays we can find healthier alternatives to the foods that we love and enjoy- take a nice trip to your local healthy supermarket and see what they have to offer! There’s a delicious option for everyone.

How do you stay healthy when traveling?

Staying active is important, so I usually opt for walks instead of traveling by car. That way, I also get to see more of the city and people. As a morning person, I also love to sneak in a morning workout, which is a great way to boost my energy and endorphins! I try to stay hydrated and be wise with my food decisions. In addition, I aim to enjoy every meal and try new things, such as going to local restaurants, as they tend to value the quality of the ingredients. What I always say to my friends, family or clients is, “You wouldn’t go to Mexico City to eat a chicken salad. You deserve to enjoy a different culinary experience!” 

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