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Meet Joe Biden’s All-women Senior Press Team

President-elect Joe Biden has been making moves swiftly to progress his transition into office. He had begun appointing the members of his Cabinet, impressing the public with the amount of diversity and representation he has included with women and women of color. Most outstandingly, the senior press team (historically known to be filled with white men), is now all woman. Meet the ladies who were picked.

Jen Psaki: White House Press Secretary

Appointed as White House press secretary, Psaki has plenty of experience working campaigns. She also served as deputy press secretary for the Obama administration. She is experienced in foreign policy with a knowledge on how to deal with tensions with journalists. Psaki is also determined to rebuild the relationship between the public, media and government.

Symone Sanders: Senior Advisor & Chief Spokesperson for the Vice President

Sanders, an Omaha native, is a political strategist who served as National Press Secretary for Sen. Bernie Sanders continuing on during his presidential bid. She was only 25 years old. Sanders is also an activist fighting for juvenile justice having been a critical force in the Coalition of Juvenile Justice Emerging Leaders Committee. She also exercised her fight for justice when she was a political commentator at CNN, amplifying the voice of the Black community.

Kate Bedingfield: White House Communications Director

Bedingfield worked as a spokesperson on the John Edwards presidential campaign. She also served as President Obama’s director of response and deputy director of media affairs. She I known for her influence in government and politics for her work running Biden’s presidential campaign amidst the pandemic.

Karine Jean-Pierre: Principal Deputy Press Secretary

MSNBC political analyst, Jean-Pierre, served in the Obama administration as Regional Political Director. Following that, she served as Deputy Battleground States Director overseeing the voting process in battleground states during President Obama’s reelection campaign. Jean-Pierre concerns are around the human condition and integrity, working to push major companies to change their work ethics for the sake of their employees.

Elizabeth Alexander: Communications Director for First Lady

Alexander, a communications strategist, worked in the Obama administrations as Press Secretary and Chief Spokesperson for Vice President Biden. She is dedicated toward implementing, gender inclusive, non-discriminatory communications strategies in the government and worldwide markets.

Ashley Etienne: Communications Director for the Vice President

Stephens served as a White House communications director and special assistant to President Obama. She was also involved in communications strategies with House Leader Nancy Pelosi to raise wages and highlight economic inequalities affecting women.

Pili Tobar: Deputy White House Communications Director

Tobar served as communications director for the Biden campaign. She was also the national director of Hispanic Media and Western regional press secretary for the Democratic National Committee. With a special eye on marginalized communities, she has worked to reach the media for Latinx and Black communities and specializes her work toward each one.

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