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Meet You In Your Dreams: The Importance of Children’s Literature Covering Special Needs and Family Relationships

Here at New York Minute Magazine, we strive to promote a community centered around diversity and inclusivity. Creating an atmosphere that accepts and embraces differences starts with educating the next generation through literature and other forms of media.

Author and mother, Hope Forman, kept this sentiment in mind when writing Meet You In Your Dreams, a children’s picture book pertaining to special needs. While this may be the book’s subject matter, it’s applicable to all children and families. The story empathizes with special needs families while teaching non-special needs families how to care for them as well.

Meet You In Your Dreams is an emotional yet positive children’s book which allows the reader to either relate to their own experience or learn empathy when it comes to a child with special needs,” says Forman.

The story follows a young boy named Ryder who navigates bonding with his younger sister that has been diagnosed with a brain disorder. Throughout the book, Ryder is able to understand and practice empathy and compassion towards his sister and others. 

“MYIYD shows the beginning stages of a child trying to understand and navigate their confusion as well as the childlike wonder of having a beautiful imagination”, according to Forman. The bright and vivid illustrations are able to entice children visually, keeping them enthralled through a story that includes aspects of nature, adventure, and family life.

 Educating children about classmates, peers, or family members with disabilities and special needs is an extremely important yet widely overlooked lesson. This book teaches children wisdoms regarding inclusion, acceptance, and understanding those who may be different from them. Ability inclusion is widely overlooked in mainstream media, so exposing children to literature such as MYIYD and promoting open dialogues about this topic can be so favorable to both your child and the wider society.

In a society that would greatly benefit from teaching the younger generation empathy, there is no more important literature than educational and compassionate children’s books. There is a serious lack of children’s literature that tackles special needs, especially catered toward children who may not have special needs. This visually captivating and reflective story will charm and delight children, yet its intelligent storytelling allows older audiences to enjoy it as well.

Forman is a stay-at-home mother of two boys who are 8 months and almost 3-years-old. Forman says writing children’s books is her passion project and is currently working on her next children’s book. 

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