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Melody Pourmoradi: The Badass Woman Behind GiRLiFEempowerment

“We’re empowering women to empower girls and we’re doing it together. There’s nothing more beautiful than that.”

GiRLiFEempowerment is a program dedicated to providing young girls from communities around the world with the tools they need to be empowered. The badass woman behind this project is none other than Melody Pourmoradi, life coach and author XOXO, From A Girl Who Gets It. We had the opportunity to interview her and learn more about GiRLiFEempowerment.

Q: How did you get started on your journey to empower the lives of girls everywhere?

A: We’re not there yet, but the goal is to impact the lives of girls across the globe. 

It all began with home-based workshops. I had an “a-ha!” moment when I was on the beach watching my daughters. They were seven years old, twin girls skipping the waves. So excited, so jazzed by life. I had a few of my own struggles, and a few of the struggles of my clients, on my mind, and I asked myself this really insightful question: “What happens between the ages of seven, where I was witnessing my girls in their bliss, and the age of adolescence—and then womanhood? What happens to us when we lose that zest and we’re focused more on the problems than the solutions?” Then I had this epiphany: We need to do something about that. 

That’s when I put this whole project into full bloom. What I need to do is create girls with solid foundations: girls who know who they are, own who they are, are proud of who they are, and don’t look to everybody else to tell them who they should be. That’s the kind of girl we need to birth. That’s where the movement began. I started jotting notes down and talking to anyone who would listen to me on my beach vacation. It was the most amazing thing because the next week I was home, back in New York, and I was running a home-based business. I brought girls into my home and we were teaching all the principles of empowerment, talking about the importance of self-love and intuition. 

That blossomed into something bigger, which turned into Girlife Global. I started training other women who were passionate about girls’ empowerment. I was training them to run their own income-generating girls’ empowerment workshops. Today, we are at over 120 facilitators strong all over the world, where women are running their own digital or personal girls empowerment workshops and empowering the girls in their local communities


Q: What advice would you give to girls struggling with deep-seated self-image negativity?

A: The first thing I would want any young girl to know is that she is here for a reason. She has so many gifts to give to herself and to give to the world. There is a purpose to her existence. I would tell her it’s ok to feel the way she feels, but that a new, more empowered—and more positive—thought is just one thought away. I would ask her to reach for the next positive and loving thought towards herself, whatever that may be. 

I would invite her to learn some of our tools, such as how failure is ok and it doesn’t define who she is. Of course, it’s very individual for each young girl why they would have those feelings. But in a society that tells us who we need to be on the regular as girls and women, it’s only natural that we would start to internalize some of those messages and hate ourselves as a result. But the goal is to catch ourselves in those thoughts, in those self-defeating words that we use to describe ourselves and try to shift them, even just a little bit. 

Also, I always offer gratitude as one of the first tools that we can use in our inner tool kit. If we can find just one thing to be grateful for, whatever it may be and however small it may be, we are setting ourselves up to seek more of that which we want to be grateful for. We can’t create more abundance in our lives until we show reverence for the abundance that already exists. That can be something as little in one day as just noticing your breath and noticing that you’re alive and that you’re here. That’s a win.


Q: What’s been your best experience in sharing the message of GiRLiFE?

A: It’s so hard to pinpoint one, but I would definitely say the sisterhood we have created, with all of the facilitators who have taken our training and are running their own workshops across the globe. These women have become my partners in shine. We work together on a collective mission to change the world, one girl at a time, and to introduce girls to their superpowers. Walking this path together, that’s probably one of the greatest pieces of magic that has come from GiRLiFE. We’re empowering women to empower girls and we’re doing it together. There’s nothing more beautiful than that.


Q: How can older girls get involved with GiRLiFE?

A: When I first created the curriculum, I did it for girls ages 5-12, because I thought we needed to get these girls started as early as possible. The stats are that girls at the age of nine reach the peak of their self-confidence, which is one of the craziest stats I’ve heard. If they’re only reaching a peak at nine, what is happening at 10 and 11 and 12? Incrementally, their self-confidence is going lower and lower, so what does that mean for a 25-year-old girl or a 30-year-old woman? 

So what I really wanted and intended for GiRLiFE is to catch those girls before they peak their self-confidence, so we can build that strong core and that strong foundation. That being said, a lot of our facilitators, including myself, are running workshops for older girls. The messages, the principles, and the wisdom are universal, and the older girls are benefitting as well. 

One way that my own daughters are getting involved in GiRLiFE is they actually help me in my business. They help in my workshops. I call them my partners in shine too. A lot of the local chapters of GiRLiFE across the globe are also using teenagers to help them in their own workshops and to help them on social media and things like that, to spread the message of what we’re doing. There are so many ways that older girls can get involved.


Q: At NYMM, we believe men have the responsibility to empower women as well. What would you want men/boys to take away from your work?

A: The message is the same for the boys and the men. I happen to choose to work with girls because that was a deep desire in my heart, from my own life and from my own history. But men as well need more than anything to own who they are, to feel they can show up as who they are without being judged. Just like women have been given this set of standards they need to live by, men have also been told by society that they have to be a certain way, that they have to be strong and mighty. We hear all those stereotypes. But my message to men is: you be who you are. By being who you are, you are the best expression the world could expect of you. So, yeah. For men, it’s really the same message of really just introducing them to their superpowers so that they too can shine as who they truly, authentically, are.

Want to get involved? Learn more about becoming a certified GiRLiFE facilitator here and join the Facebook group!

Featured Image provided by Melody Pourmoradi

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