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Menstrual Pain? Try these 5 Tips

Many women struggle with the pain and suffering of what’s known as the menstrual cycle. Back pains, cramps, unusual appetites and outrageous flows make the 5-7 days more brutal than it should be. However, not many want to get on birth control or other hormone medication. Here are a few natural ways to control your flow and ease your menstrual pain.


Curling up in a ball with your favorite blanket will not do those cramps any good. The last thing you want to be is out of breath and sweaty, but the payoff is enjoying your day without the ball of needles in your stomach. Abdomen focused movements help work the muscles around the uterus to calm the contractions causing your pain. Yoga works in a similar way, stretching out your stomach, pelvis, hips and back to alleviate tension and loosen the muscles. Also, the increase in your endorphins will balance out your moods. No more random tears.

2.Snack Strategically

Sorry, Starbucks is NOT on the menu. Caffeine, dairy and saturated oils are a big fat recipe for upset insides. If there is any time to go super healthy, it’s when you’re PMSing. Eating healthier will ease cramping by replacing foods that can irritate your stomach with foods that might actually improve how you feel. Also, as you may have guessed, a healthy diet means drinking lots and lots of water. To control bloating and keep your body hydrated, water will deflate your food baby and potentially shorten the length of your period. Your body goes through a change during your menstrual cycle. You must adapt to it.


Grab your pack of essential oils because you’re in need for a real spa session. Massaging the area where you experience pain can release the tension in those muscles. Essential oils like lavender are great for easing muscle cramping. Be careful when choosing your oils. Some that are not pure may be harsh or irritating to the skin. Try lotions or body oils with an essential oil as an ingredient to avoid a bad reaction. Body washes are always welcome.


Essential nutrients are lost or deficient during your cycle. Naturally, you crave foods that aren’t plentiful with good vitamins but there are some supplements to consider. Vitamin B6 isn’t only the most hyped up nutrient for your overall immune system but also helps tame those petty mood swings. Magnesium is also helpful for emotional symptoms as well as bloating and headaches. Finally, Omega-3 (your holy grail) packs a punch in ridding your body of back pains and cramps.

5.A Cup of Tea

Hot tea is one of the most convenient ways to handle your cramps. Similar to a hot compress, it soothes the very muscles working against you. Specifically, ginger and chamomile have calming properties to the body. Though it provides temporary relief to the pain, it also dispels your nausea. Peppermint tea also targets the uterus, relaxing the muscles. Pull out your organic honey. Your favorite mug is waiting.

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