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Mental Health Tips toward Productivity

Some days are harder to get through than others, especially during a global pandemic. Sheltering in place for some may mean being trapped in a slew of unhappy thoughts. For those struggling with anxiety and depression, the lack of productivity may make matters worse. Here are some simple things to allow yourself to say “Yes. I did do something today.” 

1.Take a Shower

For those struggling to take a moment to yourself or to feel productive, hop in the shower. The act of cleaning yourself and letting the water run over you will bring your senses to the present moment. Use a product with fragrance or play some music. The 10-15 minutes you spend with yourself will make a big difference toward your gloom or anxious headache. 


Sitting at your computer shuffling through over a thousand items may seem like a waste of time. But if you bought something, that’s a win. Waiting for a package conjures excitement and anticipation for every moment leading up to it’s arrival. Buying things you need increases your feelings of productivity. That way, you know you will use what you bought. Regardless, you will be satisfied when the package comes and you try out your new clothes, soap dispenser or whatever makes you happy.


Cleaning to you may mean blasting music and scrubbing down the house with bleach or simply making your bed. No matter what version you prefer, making a space tidy and organized will lift a weight off your shoulders. Take an extra step and decorate a bit if your four walls are beginning to blend together. Even if decorating means rearranging your room, a new perspective can be refreshing. Who doesn’t love a good before and after?

4.Light Exercise 

Jumping jacks, burpees and running all sound extremely disgusting when all you want to do is lay in bed. However, a few minutes of endorphin increasing activity can brighten your mood for the day. There are exercises for your bed, couch and even just the floor. Try yoga, stretching and walking to start your day off right and shake off some of your funk. Moving your body is important toward producing serotonin and you’ll feel accomplished after breaking a sweat. 

5.Make a Meal 

Eating is the most important part of your day. Make it count. Peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, cereal and apple slices are all welcome as long as you eat something. As busy or stuck in bed you may be, getting up and nourishing your body counts as productivity. If you’re feeling courageous, look up a simple recipe on Pinterest. You’ll regret not feeding yourself more than doing it.

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