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Migraines? 7 Natural Remedies

Struggling with migraines? Try these natural remedies now!

Migraines can be intensely painful and downright frustrating. If you’ve found medical recommendations ineffective, it may be time to try some natural remedies. Since most of these are inexpensive or cost-free, there’s no harm in experimenting. 

1. Lavender oil

Studies from 2012 showed that when people suffering from migraines inhaled lavender, they experienced faster relief than those who inhaled placebo. Furthermore, lavender has been found to reduce stress which is associated with headaches. You can inhale it or simply apply lavender oil to your temples. 

2. Yoga

Headaches can heighten with chronic stress and this can make it even harder to relax.  Yoga can be a remedy with its ability to help relax the mind and body. In addition, yoga is useful in helping with muscle tightness and poor posture, both of which are linked to migraine symptoms. In fact, a study examining migraine patients found that those who practiced yoga had significant symptom relief.

3. Ginger

Containing ingredients with anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties, ginger has been shown to decrease migraine symptoms. Additionally, it is effective in treating nausea, a common migraine symptom. Finally, it also may increase serotonin, a chemical that could be helpful in reducing inflammation. 

4. Regular Exercise

Regular exercise can be effective in reducing the pain and frequency of your migraines. This is because exercise lets the body release endorphins which serve as natural painkillers. Furthermore, exercise reduces stress as well as improves sleep, and stress and poor sleep are very common migraine triggers.

5. Hydrate

As dehydration can be a migraine trigger, it’s crucial to ensure you’re staying hydrated. Moreover, a study on hydration and migraines found that those who drank six cups of water in addition to their normal intake experienced significantly reduced pain in comparison to those who did not drink extra water. 

6. Reduce Alcohol Intake

Alcohol’s main ingredient, ethanol, can easily trigger migraines. In addition, alcohol contains histamine which spurs your body to produce more histamines, resulting in inflammation. Furthermore, alcohol can lead to dehydration which increases the likelihood of getting a migraine. 

7. Magnesium

Research has found that people with migraines tend to have lower levels of magnesium. On top of that, a study found that in general, 75% of Americans do not get enough magnesium. Thus, you are likely not getting enough. Furthermore, a study on magnesium and migraines found that regular magnesium intake reduces the frequency of migraines. Luckily you can easily get magnesium in the form of pills OTC at your local pharmacy.

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