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Natural Hair Hacks for the 4b and 4c Girls

Calling all curly-headed girls between 4a and 4c! I know you may lack access to your braiding stylist but there are a few ways to keep cute even during the pandemic. Check out these doable natural hair hacks. 

1.Lock in Moisturize

The number one rule is to keep your hair moisturized. A lot of girls think they have 4c hair but really have dehydrated 4b hair. The key is keeping the coils quenched. Use tea tree and peppermint oils if you have a dry/itchy scalp. Aloe, glycerin and castor oil make great additions to your spray bottles. Try shea butter or a hair cream to lock in moisture when styling. Bye, crunchy curls.

2.Wrap it Up

The wonders a piece of cloth can do. Whether you want something cute or just quick, headwraps help you achieve the easiest to-go style. Keep your hair moisturized underneath and oil your scalp when needed. Pieces range in length, material and color. You won’t have to touch your hair for days. 

3.Two Strand Twists

With the appropriate length, you can achieve this super simple and super cute style. As long as it may take, you can wear the style for weeks and also wash when you like. Be sure to seal your ends and oil your scalp. Twists are low maintenance, hair growth promoting and will leave you with an amazing curl pattern when you decide to take them out. 

4.Tea Rinse

Do you get hair everywhere on wash day? Boil some plain black or green tea, let it cool and pour into a squeezy bottle. Apply the tea to your hair right before you put in your conditioner. Your hands will be clean every time you slip through those curls. Shedding who?

5.Use Your Resources 

Take a pair of old tights, cut them in half and voila! A tie for your puff of choice. The olive oil you cook with? AMAZING detangler. Take that handy dandy bottle of apple cider vinegar, mix it with some water and use it to clean and clarify your hair on wash day. Then, take an old big t-shirt to dry your hair and avoid frizz. Utilize what’s at your fingertips to make life a little easier.

Featured Image by Nappy on Pexels

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