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Navigating a Breakup during Quarantine

Relationships have been under strain due to COVID-19 and the mandatory separation. Though some relationships stuck it out, others resulted in a breakup because of quarantine. Every relationship is unique and COVID brought some harsh realities to the surface of each one.


Some couples who were used to passing each other through the house due to work and other outings were stuck inside the same four walls for months due to the virus. Isolated together, there was time to contemplate things, find new pet peeves and struggle to find alone time. The value of having space even for a few moments a day became more important and irritability squeezed couples into separation. Quarantine provided a harsh reality that every waking moment with your partner is not as beautiful as it seems. However, not everyone had the luxury of relocating.

Physical Separation

Contrarily, couples who were used to spending every waking moment with one another had to relocate elsewhere to survive the virus. Couples who thrive off physical affection and nearness had trouble adjusting to the virtual alternatives. Beyond that, isolation causes people to look inward and sometimes the outcome is desiring to be alone. Some people realize that being with someone is not what they truly wanted.

Commitment to Long Distance

For people looking for a relationship, long distance was never an option in their criteria. Now, some relationships have forcibly been shifted to long-distance. How does one carry on a healthy relationship away from one another? The relationship dynamic became complicated for some as communication and attentive habits to be revised. Unfortunately, many ended in a breakup when the adjustment became too difficult.

Trust Issues

Some couples thrived on being close to one another because they could keep an eye on each other. Some felt better when their partner is close by or on-call to assure their attention is in the right place. Being distant from one another can bring about doubt and uncertainty about what one another is doing when they are not together. Both the anxiety of being forgotten or the fear of being neglected severed ties between people.

Anxiety & Tension

The pandemic has brought tension between all types of relationships whether it be romantic, family or platonic. The nerves around people’s whereabouts and standards of taking safety seriously also raises disputes and arguments. Not everyone is being safe or taking the measures they need to take to be safe. Irritability runs high as couples are unsure of the status of one another.

If you find yourself stuck or on the brink of a breakup, take a step back. The pandemic put a lot of relationships to the test and the ones who won the battle were the relationships with the strength to endure. Find a little time to yourself, whether it’s a bath or reading a book outside. Voice your concerns to your partner. Transparency builds trust and leaves nothing to be questioned. Not every relationship on the brink of breakup needs to be let go.

Yet, if you’re lacking faith in your partner, meditate on if holding on will be healthy for you. This pandemic has opened the eyes of some and released some from relationships they were not meant to stay in. It’s been an opportunity for people to truly get to know themselves and figure out what they want without pressure of outside influences.

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