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New Scarf Techniques for Fall Fun

As our favorite, chillier seasons approach, let’s go through some scarf knotting and styling techniques that are as easy as they are stylish! This way, when brisker weather comes to stay, you’ll be more than prepared. If you always do the same looping technique with your scarves as I do, then you could benefit from some new looks that’ll give you a bit more creative freedom.

The Bunny Ear:

For these tips, we thank Wendy’s Lookbook! You’re probably familiar with the Modern One-Loop and the Classic Drape, but a new technique you may not know is the Bunny Ear! For this look, even out both sides of the scarf on your shoulders and make one loop around your neck.

Then, do another loop, and take the end you’re using and tuck it into your center loops. Pull it out from underneath, and tie it together with the opposite end for a cute bunny-ear look peeking out of your scarf!

The Mira Loop:

To achieve this look, place your scarf evenly over your shoulders, and then twist one side completely as you loop it around your neck. Tuck in the end of the scarf into your loops, and tuck in the opposite end as well. This look gives your scarf a more snug feel and will be ideal for colder days.

The Magic Trick:

This knotting technique is a little more tricky. Loop your scarf around your neck once, and then pull one end slightly through the loop – just enough to make space to pull the other end through the hole. This style provides great thickness for warmth as well as coverage, perhaps aiding you if you need to cover a low-cut top.

The Waterfall:

This is a scarf technique you’ve probably seen many times but weren’t sure how to achieve! This article is here to help. For this style, loop your scarf twice around your neck while leaving both ends evenly exposed. Then, take the slightly longer end and tuck it in diagonally within your loops. Voilà! The Waterfall.

If you need any visuals, check out Wendy’s Lookbook’s video! It’s very well done. Enjoy the season – whatever the weather may be – and make colder days more fun by greeting them with these creative new styles.

Featured Image by emma on Flickr

Attribution-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic (CC BY-ND 2.0)

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