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Next Vacation Destination: Crooked Forest

Near the town of Gryfino in northwest Poland lies a bizarre and eerie forest of trees. In this area of the woodland, some 400 pine trees grow, just like any other forest trees. Unlike other trees, however, these trees curve at the base of their trunks. They almost look like fishing hooks falling from the sky, upside-down question marks, or something straight out of a Dr. Seuss book. 

Known as the Crooked Forest, or Krzywy Las to the Polish natives, this wood has left many people pondering exactly how these trees came to be. In fact, the town of Gryfino refers to the mystery of the trees as the “riddle of the forest,” according to The Weather Channel. Fortunately, there are many well-established theories in existence to feed our curious appetites.

Upon first glance at this forest, it is clear that all the trees are bent in the exact same direction, facing north. If the fact that trees do not typically curve in a J-shape at their bases was not enough to convince you that this patch of strange trees was not an accident, perhaps the fact that they all curve in the same direction will reinforce the belief that something caused the deformation of these tree trunks.

One theory of the curvature of this forest is mentioned by IFL Science, which suggests that “heavy snow could have flattened the trees for an extended period of time whilst they were still saplings.” If the trees were still in a period of growing while the weight of thick snow pulled down on their vulnerable trunks, the trees could have been deformed and then, later on, resumed their normal growth.

This theory is supported by the fact that town officials from Gryfino have analyzed the rings of the trees and confirmed that the trees were young, around seven to ten years old, when they began bending. However, IFL Science debunks this theory by suggesting that it is highly unlikely for a severe snow storm to only affect 400 trees in the larger forest that surrounds Crooked Forest.

Another theory for the deformation of these trees suggests that “during the invasion of Poland in World War II, enemy tanks plowed through the young forest, once again flattening the trees to such an extent that they grew back crooked,” according to IFL Science. This theory is supported by the fact that the trees were estimated to be planted around 1930, but this theory cannot explain why industrial military tanks only bent young tree saplings, rather than annihilating them.

A third theory suggests that these trees were actually man-made. “The suggestion is that during the 1930s, local farmers planted and manipulated the trees for ultimate use as a construction material, for example for pieces of furniture or, more likely, ship building.” This theory, which implies that farmers stunted the tree growth, is supported by the fact that they all bend uniformly.

If none of these theories are satisfying enough for the curious theory-lover, there are other, less-established theories, like witch magic or aliens. Whatever your theory is for the strange and unique bend of these trees in Poland’s Crooked Forest, there is indeed something alluring about the mystery that invites only the most curious travelers.

Featured Image by jacinta lluch valero on Flickr
Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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