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Nicki Minaj Rewards Straight-A Students with Tuition Help

Nicki Minaj is one of the highest paid, top ranked rappers in the country, and with the success of her talent, she has decided to give back to the fans who made her dreams possible. Recently, she offered to pay parts of college tuition and student loan fees for several fans by reaching out on Twitter.

On May 7th, Minaj tweeted, “Show me straight [As] that I can verify w/ur school and I’ll pay it. Who wants to join THAT contest?!?! Dead serious. Shld I set it up?”

that this tweet came after Minaj promoted another contest via Twitter for a fan to join her at the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas. This contest prompted the hashtag #NickiBBMAs, and gradually took form in requests to the multi-platinum artist for assistance with college loans. Others asked for help with paying for books and school supplies.

Minaj replied to one user after her initial tweet, “If u give me a 4.0 then I’ll keep my end of the bargain.”

Minaj has always been a fierce proponent of education herself, telling her fans to study hard in school and remain loyal to their educational goals, because she herself regrets not attending college.

She consistently sends this message to her young fans, once telling Sophia Grace, a young YouTube singer and huge Nicki fan, that “Music is beautiful, but I want you to stay in school. Put your books first and singing second.”

Minaj continues reminding her fans of this message, saying, “Listen to me, I want you guys to stay in school, and stay inspired, and stay ambitious. There’s a time and a place to have fun, but all that fun means nothing if you are not intelligent and you don’t have something to back it up, ok?”

And with that, Minaj herself is helping fans “back it up.”

Minaj granted several tweeted requests for school payment help, asking fans for bank and contact information via direct message. She made an Instagram post to document the proceedings.

Time reported that “by the end of the evening, Minaj said she would pay for about 30 fans’ college tuition, student loans or other education-related fees. The fees ranged from $500 to books to $6,000 for tuition. She said she’d make these payments Sunday, “then see if I have any money left.” She also promised to respond to more requests from fans to help pay college fees in a month or two.”

Remarkably, Minaj didn’t stop there. Today, ABC News reported that the star is now expanding her ability to give with the creation of a new charity to help students with their loans and tuition payments.

Nicki Minaj is reaching new heights in the rap world, proving her talent as one of the only expert female rappers in her field, and simultaneously championing the students whose pursuit of education she puts above all else.

In regards to her love for her fans, Minaj hasn’t spared a penny in helping them practice what she preaches.

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