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Nightlife Penny-Pinching Apps

There’s nothing more refreshing than the occasional night on the town, aside from the serious damper on your wallet. But with apps like Scoutmob, Nightlife, and Happy Hour Finder, you can have the most updated intel on your area’s best deals. Whether it be promotional discounts at local restaurants and bars or blowout sales at nearby stores, these apps allow you to explore your own backyard with minimal expense.


Described as the “modern-day treasure map in the palm of your hand,” Scoutmob is the perfect app for uncovering new restaurants, stores, and services in your local area. However, this is not without a catch. While the app has intel on the latest “local happenings,” it’s geolocation deals only extend to the app’s select cities, including Atlanta, New York City, Portland, and more. However, the developers expect to expand the app’s geolocation deals across America.

Regardless of location, however, Scoutmob offers great deals on a number of goods created by skilled craftsmen and artisans via the app’s online shopping feature. Through Scoutmob’s online shopping service, ordering handcrafted items and accessories is easy and affordable. Every day the app offers deals on select items up to 50 percent off and first-time shoppers get an additional 10 percent with their first order.


Available for free download on iTunes and Google PlayNightlife connects users with the best drink specials and events in their area. So far, the app only has coverage on a few major cities, but Nightlife turns one short night into a great adventure with frequent updates on restaurant promotions and parties. In addition, Nightlife offers a “Connect” feature that allows users to interact and update each other on their nighttime plans, as well as tag specific events and send invitations to other members.

Happy Hour Finder

Perhaps the leading app in curating a low budget night out is Happy Hour Finder. This app stands apart from its predecessors with an abs
ence of geolocation restrictions. Happy Hour Finder has coverage on drink specials and bar promotions in addition to happy hours across the United States. Users need only enter their location and the date and Happy Hour Finder connects them with the latest and greatest deals.


Another top–rated app for local nightlife, LivingSocial collects information on promotions and sales in various categories, including dining, shopping, and special events. Through LivingSocial, users can research happenings based on location, price range, and time sensitivity, allowing users to reap the benefits of last minute or soon–to–be–expired bargains.

Many of the deals advertised via LivingSocial offer 50 to 70 percent off the original price. The refund policy also allows users to be refunded on unwanted purchases within five business days.

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