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No More Bumps: 5 Steps to Smooth Skin

Ladies, it’s hard to feel nice and smooth after shaving when ingrown hairs and bumps immediately take the spotlight. However, not everyone has a dime to drop on monthly waxes. Don’t worry, shavers. Check out these five tips to keep your skin as smooth and soothed.

1.Shave with the Grain

Waxers, you can skip this step. If you are a dedicated shaver and wonder why you may be struggling with ingrown hairs or bumps, you may be shaving against the grain. Shaving in the opposite direction of how your hair naturally grows may cause irritation because the skin is sensitive. Try shaving in the same direction of your hair growth to ease tension and avoid bumpy backlash. Decide wisely where to practice this. Some hairs don’t know how they want to grow.

2.Glycolic Acid

Chemical exfoliation is one of the most effective ways to deal with stubborn skin and clogged pores on the face and body. Glycolic acid is great to use in the form of a body wash or lotion to help your hair grow freely from the follicle and avoid being trapped under the skin. Glycolic acid pads are even more convenient to use after a shave. Use the treatment directly for the places you receive the most trouble and use sparingly to allow your skin to build a tolerance.

3.Physical Exfoliation

Sugar is the best ingredient to a scrub. Sugar grains are evenly shaped, dissolve easily and avoids bruising or microtearing your skin. Other scrubs such as coffee and body polishes also help get rid of dead skin that may be the cause of your ingrowns. In addition to scrubs, bath tools such as shower gloves and wash nets also help loosen ingrown hairs and slough away dead skin. Be sure to physically exfoliate every few days in the shower.

4.Shaving Creams

Traditional foaming shaving creams may be one of the issues your itches and flares as soon as you step out the shower. Buttery or oily shaving creams keep your skin moisturized and soften the hair as you shave. Some convenient alternatives include baby oil, coconut oil and your handy hair conditioner. Not only is the slip of your razor extra smooth, but you avoid stripping your skin or irritating your pores in the process.

5.Natural Moisturizers

Aloe, shea butter, cocoa butter and more convenient home remedies will keep your skin from freaking out after a shave. Moisturizers with heavy fragrance and unfriendly chemicals may not be welcomed by your freshly exposed skin. Go the simple route and find something moisturizing but also healing. It’s important to take care of your skin post-shave AND wax.

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