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Trevor Noah Stood up for Women and Told Men They aren’t the Victims

Trevor Noah stood up for women across and put an end to the idea that men are the victims of the #MeToo movement in a recent episode of his talk show, The Daily Show.

During the episode, Noah dedicated a ten minute “between the scenes” segment to discussing how powerful men need to be held accountable for their actions and how they assert their power over women.

The comedian began by discussing Donald Trump and his recent statements concerning victims of sexual harassment at a rally.

“I find Trump’s most powerful tool is that he knows how to wield victimhood,” Noah stated. “He knows how to offer victimhood to people who have the least claim to it which is a really, really powerful tool because you realize what he’s doing in that moment is saying the real victims of the #MeToo movement are men.”

Noah went on to discuss how very few men accused of sexual harassment are actually held accountable for their actions, and how accusations in general have led many man to believe that they are the true victims of #MeToo.

He then took the time to discuss the Brett Kavanaugh hearings and how Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s story is all too common in the United States.

“What’s the worst that could happen to Brett Kavanaugh? What’s the worst thing that could happen is he’d go back to being a federal judge on one of the most important courts in the land. What’s the worst thing that happens to Dr. Ford? She gets mocked by the President of the United States for coming forward with a story about sexual assault,” Noah pointed out.

By taking the time to discuss this serious issue, Trevor Noah has given hope to many women across the country. Many men find it easier to keep quiet on the issues brought forward by the #MeToo movement, but Noah chose not to be in that number.

Trevor Noah used his platform to fight for women and expose the realities of the #MeToo movement. By dedicating time on “The Daily Show” to discuss sexual harassment and victimhood, Noah has proven to be a strong ally in the fight for women’s rights.

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