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More Than Rock ‘n’ Roll

Nine albums in, Switchfoot is still approaching their concerts with teenage energy. They know their audience and seem to genuinely love them and aim to please their following.  

This past Saturday, Switchfoot invited NYMM to their Manhattan concert at Terminal 5 where they’ve stopped for their Fading West tour. Terminal 5 is certainly going for the rustic music venue feel, but with a gazillion chandeliers thrown in. Regardless, Switchfoot knew how to give their fans what they came for. 

If ever you wondered where Switchfoot was birthed, frontman Jon Foreman mentioned San Diego about 1,876 times. The trouble is, NYC was experiencing what felt like a monsoon the night of the concert, so Foreman just enticed us to want to move to San Diego. 

Nonetheless, Switchfoot started it off the night with the high energy song “Say it Like You Mean it.” An energized crowd ranging from college students to the middle aged adults sang every lyric and blew up when Foreman disappeared and reappeared at the back of the room. 

As they regaled us with hit after hit, “This is Your Life” threw the crowd into a reminiscent trance, and the message was clear: these guys love what they do and want to send out positive messages to encourage others. 

Between the accordion accompaniment and the wardrobe changes (hat on, host off, hat on again), Foreman took time to tell a story about coming to NYC years ago to play what is now one of their hits (“Dare You to Move”) to a record exec who simply responded with, “I don’t hear a hit.” Foreman reiterated Switchfoot’s message by saying, “I’m thankful this has always been bigger than rock and roll.”

At the end, you get a sense that they play their heart out no matter who their audience is or where they are. They are appreciative of their platform, take it seriously, and honor it.

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