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  • Be Fun
    Blinkist: Breeze through Nonfiction

    It can be hard to keep up when trying to learn new things and catch up on the latest reading. The...

    Catherine HorneApril 25, 2017
  • Be Good
    Is the Justice System Failing Domestic Abuse Victims?

    On an average day in the United States, there are more than 20,000 phone calls placed to domestic violence hotlines. According...

    Kassidy McIntoshApril 24, 2017
  • Badass Women
    Small Victory for Pay Equity Unfolds in Virginia

    Susan Clarke Schaar has been working as a Virginia Senate Clerk for nearly 30 years, and she was just as surprised...

    Alyssa McGillveryApril 24, 2017
  • Badass Women
    Kelly Ripa: Using Her Platform for Good

    Celebrities have been given a powerful tool: a platform through which to influence people. Therefore, some people believe that celebrities have...

    Rachel MideyApril 24, 2017
  • Be Good
    Taiwan Looks to the Future

    On April 18, the Vice President of Taiwan, Chen Chien-jen, spoke at a meeting in Taipei about the importance of gender...

    Samantha SontagApril 24, 2017
  • Badass Women
    Tackling Her Own Glass Ceiling

    Farida Azizova kicks down gender barriers, literally, every day. Azizova is a taekwondo champion from Azerbaijan, a country situated between Southern Europe...

    Samantha SontagApril 24, 2017
  • Be Fun
    Treat Yo’ Dog

    Who doesn’t love a good gift every now and then? Keep in mind that our furry friends need pampering too! This...

    Ariana KraftApril 24, 2017
  • Be Fun
    Springtime Smoothie Recipes!

    Spring is finally here, and with it comes your sudden need for all things cold, fruity, and delicious. Whether you’re lounging...

    Kassidy McIntoshApril 21, 2017
  • Be Fun
    All Eyes on Spotlight

    Spotlight was about the true story of a team of Boston Globe reporters who uncovered the child molestation scandal within the...

    Nadeer FaragallaApril 21, 2017