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  • Be Fun
    SideChef: the GPS for Cooking

    Cooking is an essential skill we all have to learn at some point in our lives. There are a lot of...

    Catherine HorneFebruary 14, 2017
  • Badass Women
    Selena Gomez: Shatter Illusions with Reality

    Selena Gomez is throwing her star power behind a long-time passion project that could work to change the way young people...

    Alyssa McGillveryFebruary 13, 2017
  • Badass Men
    Tom Brady Shows Love for His Mom

    Last Sunday during the Super Bowl, football player Tom Brady led the New England Patriots to victory once more with a...

    Samantha SontagFebruary 13, 2017
  • Be Good
    WATCH: Ensuring Justice for Survivors

    According to statistics, in the United States approximately 20 people are physically abused by an intimate partner every 60 seconds. That means...

    Catherine HorneFebruary 13, 2017
  • featured
    Forget Flowers, DIY this Valentine’s Day

    Valentine’s Day is swiftly approaching, and what says “I love you” more than a DIY gift? Nothing is more special than...

    Samantha SontagFebruary 10, 2017
  • Entertainment
    Nightlife Penny-Pinching Apps

    There’s nothing more refreshing than the occasional night on the town, aside from the serious damper on your wallet. But with...

    Jenna SalisburryFebruary 10, 2017
  • Entertainment
    War is Belle

    “Hacksaw Ridge” is the true story of Desmond T. Doss who, in the Battle of Okinawa in World War II, directly rescued about 75 men...

    Nadeer FaragallaFebruary 10, 2017
  • Be Good
    Free Cancer Care for Women in India

    One organization is helping people realize that healthy boobs lead to more prosperous communities. In India, Kudumbashree, literally translated to prosperity...

    Alyssa McGillveryFebruary 9, 2017
  • Be Good
    Gap Ad Promotes #FearlessBeauty

    With much buzz around Disney’s new live action version of Beauty and the Beast, starring equality advocate Emma Watson, it is time to...

    Alexandra PaganoFebruary 9, 2017