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  • Be Fun

    It seems that giving up has never been an option for Augustines. Although they have experienced trials and tragedy, they manage...

    Jon KarrMarch 31, 2014
  • Be Fun
    Artist: Andrew Ripp

    Andrew Ripp doesn’t shy away from the truth. He’s got the spirit of a soul singer: a spirit that finds its...

    Jon KarrMarch 24, 2014
  • Be Fun
    Ellie Holcomb

    Ellie Holcomb has the kind of sincere voice that makes you feel like you are talking to an old friend. Her music...

    Jon KarrMarch 17, 2014
  • Be Fun
    Jillian Edwards

    There’s a breath of honesty in everything Jillian Edwards writes. Her songs elicit faith and hope in the presence of darkness...

    Jon KarrMarch 10, 2014
  • Be Fun
    Peter Bradley Adams

    Peter Bradley Adams knows how to convey a sense of space. His music speaks of both vast, wide openness and close,...

    Jon KarrMarch 3, 2014
  • Be Fun
    Let’s All Go Back to High School

    One of the beautiful things about a beloved song is its ability to transform you to a different time and evoke...

    Sarah RizkallaJanuary 16, 2014
  • Be Fun
    Don’t Look Back in Anger

    In the ’90s, all of us cool people loved Oasis. In fact, we still do. Their songs are a bit melancholy,...

    Sarah RizkallaJanuary 9, 2014
  • Badass Women
    Artist: Jill Andrews Interview

    With a voice that couples the intimacy of personal experience with the distance of wisdom, Jill Andrews’ songs feel like confessions....

    Jon KarrJanuary 6, 2014
  • Be Fun
    Let The Verve Revive You

    We are well on our way to a new year, and hopefully yours is off to a great start. I may...

    Sarah RizkallaJanuary 2, 2014