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    Artist: Midnight Mantics

    “Throwback” isn’t quite the right term for what Midnight Mantics is doing. They have hopped into the DeLorean and set the...

    Jon KarrAugust 3, 2015
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    Artist: Young Brother

    Young Brother sounds like that bootleg tape you made when your favorite song came on the radio and you managed to...

    Jon KarrJuly 20, 2015
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    Artist: Wave & Rome

    Sweeping and cinematic, the music of Wave & Rome​ has an almost visceral immediacy. A cross­breed of alternative, pop, and even orchestral...

    Jon KarrJuly 6, 2015
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    Artist: Hanna Rae

    Photos by Jon Karr / Don’t let the sweetness of her voice fool you – Hanna Rae’s music hits hard....

    Jon KarrJune 8, 2015
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    Artist: Heather Bond

    With a captivating ring of truth and clarity, Heather Bond’s voice bears witness to the power of honest reflection. She coaxes...

    Pat TomlinsonMay 25, 2015
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    Artist: Will Dailey

    With the independent release of National Throat, Will Dailey has proven that he’s not afraid to get his hands dirty. Dailey’s...

    Jon KarrMay 11, 2015
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    Artist: Jeremy Enigk

    Far from hiding, Jeremy Enigk has been quietly busy. The new album that fans have been anxiously awaiting is now in...

    Jon KarrApril 27, 2015
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    Artist: Jesse Lafser

    When we last spoke with Jesse Lafser, she had just released Land in Sight, an incredible collection of songs that evoked...

    Jon KarrApril 13, 2015
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    Worst Songs of 2014

    The ’90s came back in 2014. While there was certainly some great music made before Friends went into syndication, it is...

    Jon KarrJanuary 5, 2015