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    Spice Up Your Fall Morning

    I’m going to have to name my first born “Trader Joe’s”. I don’t know the Joe behind the name, but he...

    Sarah RizkallaOctober 15, 2013
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    She Doesn’t Just Make You Cry For Puppies

    Long before Sarah McLachlan haunted us with her voice as sad-eyed puppies and kittens appeared locked in their kennels for ASPCA...

    Sarah RizkallaOctober 10, 2013
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    The Boy is Mine

    I really miss the ’90s. In fact, there’s talk here at NYMM of making the ’90s video a daily thing, rather...

    Sarah RizkallaOctober 3, 2013
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    ’90s Rap Royalty

    99% of us are no where near cool enough to rap this song anywhere but in the shower, yet I’ve witnessed...

    Sarah RizkallaSeptember 26, 2013
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    Nobu 57

    Standing at two floors high, Nobu 57 has no intention of concealing itself. Although, upon entering the restaurant, I discovered that...

    Sarah RizkallaSeptember 26, 2013
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    Hashtag the $&!@ UP

     If hashtaging is part of your “lingo”…. If you say “lingo”… If you think a text without hashtags is fierce...

    Sarah RizkallaSeptember 25, 2013
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    I only discovered InClass during the spring semester of my freshman year and I wish I had found it sooner. It’s...

    Sarah RizkallaSeptember 23, 2013
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    Sarah RizkallaSeptember 21, 2013
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    Get Your Money’s Worth

    The $1 French Fry Burger by Burger King is absolutely your money’s worth. It’s so cheap that it actually feels like...

    Sarah RizkallaSeptember 20, 2013