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    The Dreaded Spin Zone

    I recently started spinning. Who would have thought that something that sounded so girly could actually be so hard? If I...

    Ugonna OnyekweJuly 24, 2012
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    The Urinal

    Relax. I’m not really writing about the urinal; I’m a woman! However, New York City, until you learn how to respect...

    Sarah RizkallaJuly 20, 2012
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    The First Interview

    I have mentioned before and I don’t mean to brag, but I’m an expert when it comes to being unemployed. I’ve...

    Sarah RizkallaJuly 12, 2012
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    Birthday: Water

    July 14th is right around the corner. To our French readers (if we have any), this is of course a special day...

    Ugonna OnyekweJuly 10, 2012
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    Wine, OH?

    I’m not a wine drinker. It gives me headaches and nightmares. I drink the occasional glass, but in general, I do...

    Sarah RizkallaJuly 6, 2012
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    Late Nights, Long Days

    I am a morning person. Or at least enamored by the thought of being one. I enjoy those moments when most...

    Ugonna OnyekweJuly 3, 2012
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    I Want the Truth

    In ninth grade, we had career day where students picked three different professions they want to learn about. I picked lawyer,...

    Sarah RizkallaJune 28, 2012
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    It’s Not Me, It’s You!

    In this city, the first question people often ask one another when they first meet is “What do you do?” I...

    Sarah RizkallaJune 20, 2012
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    A Man Named Leaf

    Q: “Why does drinking beer make you smarter?” A:  “Because it made Bud Wiser.” Yeah, I know. Clearly, the guy who...

    Ugonna OnyekweJune 19, 2012