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  • Be Fun
    Girls Nights Amidst the Pandemic

    Get creative and have a great night with your gals! With stress levels this high, It's definitely needed.

    Lydia SchapiroSeptember 30, 2020
  • uncategorized
    Black Hair: Appropriation vs Appreciation

    Hair has become a topic of controversy in the past years. The issue of professionality has been heavily influenced by appearance,...

    Kalyn WomackSeptember 25, 2020
  • Be Fun
    Meals for Students: Easy, Healthy, Affordable!

    College students: Save time, money, and effort with these easy and affordable meals.

    Lydia SchapiroSeptember 25, 2020
  • uncategorized
    Coffee Cravings You Can Satisfy from Home

    Attention coffee lovers and addicts! Buying your lattes and cold brews every morning may be taking a bigger toll on your...

    Kalyn WomackSeptember 24, 2020
  • Be Informed
    How to Manage Perfectionism

    Perfectionism can be extremely harmful as well as difficult to manage. Luckily there are ways to cope and improve your mental...

    Lydia SchapiroSeptember 24, 2020
  • Be Healthy
    Injury? Come Back Stronger!

    An injury can feel like a major setback if you’ve been training hard and are on the path to achieving your...

    Lydia SchapiroSeptember 23, 2020
  • Be Healthy
    How to Avoid Burnout

    Burnout is incredibly common. If you feel incredible overwhelmed or hopeless at your workload or daily life, you might be experiencing...

    Lydia SchapiroSeptember 17, 2020
  • Badass Women
    Meet Josephine Lau: Badass Yoga Instructor

    We recently had a Q&A with Josephine Lau, badass yoga teacher and the founder of Grace x Strength. In addition to...

    Lydia SchapiroSeptember 16, 2020
  • Be Informed
    Naomi Osaka Advocates for Racial Justice

    Learn about how star tennis player, Naomi Osaka, shows her social activism and support to racial justice on the court.

    Lydia SchapiroSeptember 16, 2020