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Need Some Joy? Perk Up with These Netflix Christmas Movies

‘Tis the season for hot chocolate and snuggling up under blankets to binge-watch holiday movies. With hundreds of holiday options added to Netflix this year, it can be a little dizzying trying to choose which to watch. Have no fear! In this two-part article, we’ve compiled a list of ten totally binge-worthy Netflix Christmas movies made by badass women that are available now for streaming.

1. “How Sarah Got Her Wings”
Badass Woman involved: Producer Maria Valentina Bove

Besides the fact that this movie has our editor in chief’s name in its title, we had to start with “How Sarah Got Her Wings” because it’s a quintessential holiday rom-com. Picture Reese Witherspoon’s “Just Like Heaven” if it was based around Christmas and made by the Lifetime Movie Network. Main character, Sarah Fitzpatrick, has a fatal accident just before Christmas and, in order to make it to heaven, she has to return as an “angel in training” who must help a “soul in need” before Christmas Day… which is in twelve days. It’s got ex-boyfriends, rekindling love, self-discovery, and a woman with a British accent. What else could you want? You can watch the trailer here: >

2. “The Christmas Candle”
Badass Woman involved: Producer Hannah Leader

If you’re anything like me, you can’t turn down a good period drama. Whether it be the costumes or the dirt there’s really nothing not to like. “The Christmas Candle” is no exception to the genre. It’s a romance between an improbable couple set in the English countryside in 1890. The village of Gladbury believes each year at Christmas an angel lights a single candle, granting the owner a single wish. The introduction of electric light threatens the tradition and puts the lovely protagonist, Emily Barstow, and the young, curmudgeonly pastor David Richmond in an unlikely alliance. The movie is surprisingly less-cheesy than I imagined and met all the requirements to satisfy my period-drama need this holiday season. Check out the trailer here: >

3. “A Dogwalker’s Christmas Tale”
Badass Woman involved: Director Letia Miller

Babies, old people, and dogs: the three classic ways to win a viewer’s heart. While “A Dogwalker’s Christmas Tale” is lacking in diapered individuals of all ages, it has no shortage of cute canines. The story follows a bratty college kid named Luce as she is forced to spend her Christmas break walking dogs for a local developer. She’s initially thrilled to learn the local dog park will soon be replaced by a spa, but after befriending a fellow dog walker named Dean (who happens to have his own version of puppy dog eyes), Luce suddenly realizes other people matter. It’s a great background film to watch while wrapping presents or pigging out on popcorn, and it’s sure to leave you feeling warm and fuzzy. You can find the trailer here: >

4. “The Spirit of Christmas”
Badass Women involved: Producer Andrea Ajemian and Screenplay Writer: Tracy Andreen

I’m not sure if it was Ebenezer Scrooge that originally made us want to talk to dead people so much at Christmas, but Netflix holiday movies made by women are chock-full of the recently deceased. In this film, the emotionally-stunted Kate needs to sell a bed and breakfast in three weeks. Unfortunately for her, it’s haunted. For the twelve days prior to Christmas each year the resident spirit, David, materializes, and he’s not a fan of Kate selling his home. Honestly, I enjoyed this one in the same way I enjoy watching trash reality TV: it may not be cool to admit, but boy did it make me feel nice. Watch the trailer here: >

5. “Holiday High School Reunion” / “Christmas Crush”
Badass Woman involved: Director Marita Grabiak

Netflix picked this one up from Lifetime so you know it’s going to give you some girl power vibes. At some point, it was also called “Christmas Crush”, and frankly, I think I like that alliteration more. Essentially, main character Georgia is thrilled to learn of her ten-year high school reunion falling at Christmas (because, when else would it be?). She hopes to win back her high school crush that she never really got over. At just under an hour and a half of run-time, Holiday High School Reunion is the perfect choice for a short binge that leaves you feeling in love. Check out the trailer here: >

We’d love to know if there’s a movie you think has to be included in any list of Netflix movies made by women, or if any of the ones we included live up to their hype.

For the second half of the list, check back next week!

Featured Image by on Unsplash

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