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Play Like a Girl Breaks Down Music Barriers for Women

Music is universal. It allows people to come together, express feelings, and share talents with others. However, too often the music industry is not always so happy-go-lucky. The music scene can be a difficult place for women.

A female-powered organization and start-up record company, Play Like a Girl, realizes this problem, and they are determined to do something to change it.

On their website, it is stated in bold, “PLAY LIKE A GIRL is a women-powered collective that wants to create a safe space for women* to connect, create and PROSPER.” They specify that “*women” means “all who identify as women.”

They hold monthly feminist musical showcases in Los Angeles to create a safe space for women to connect, create, and make a name for themselves in the world of music. But it doesn’t just stop at the musical showcases. They also have seminars and distribute a monthly magazine to encourage women to get after what they love.

One of the founders, Kimi Recor, recognized that many women in the music industry have been made to feel uncomfortable or intimidated. She has personally experienced this and said, “We’ve all seen the darker side of the music industry, and we wanted to create a safe space for women to shine. In the process, it’s helped foster this amazing community of women who support one another.”

Recor, as well as many other women and non-binary artists, have experienced unacceptable treatment when trying to share their art. They hope that Play Like a Girl will uplift and prove to others that there is room for them in the music industry. They want to ensure that their art will be truly appreciated by others.

They are setting a great example for young girls and women. Since the shows that they play are all-ages, they have opened themselves to a larger audience, and in turn can generate a larger conversation.

Recor had something to say regarding one of her favorite Play Like a Girl memories. “The Echo [in Los Angeles] last year for one of our monthly all-ages showcases. These two girls who couldn’t have been older than six or seven were front row, smiling so big, holding each other, and dancing. They looked so thrilled to see other girls on stage and were looking at the musicians — mostly local LA bands — with these huge starry eyes.”

Recor continued, “Representation is so important, whether that’s gender, race, sexual orientation, gender identity…seeing how excited those girls got when they saw themselves in something really brought it home for me that night.”

This whole movement is setting the bar high for women who want to get involved in the music industry. No one should feel belittled and made uncomfortable when expressing their art.

Play Like a Girl is pushing those who want to get involved in what they love to do it without hesitation. Women should not feel intimidated or out of place. They are showcasing to many that there are no boundaries for women in music and that they can achieve anything to which they put their mind.  

Featured Image by Nan Palmero on Flickr

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