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Women Talk: Our Favorite Podcasts Hosted By Women

Podcasts are taking the Internet by storm. As they rise in popularity, we want to give a nod to our favorite podcasts hosted by women. Some of the most streamed podcasts are all hosted by men. So if you’re not a fan of podcasts, it may just be because you aren’t listening to the right ones. If you need a woman’s take on a topic or just want to hear woman-ly banter, NYMM’s got you covered. Here are a few woman-led podcasts that you should give a listen:


Calling herself a “reluctant expert in difficult conversations,” Nora McIrney is not afraid to go there in her weekly podcast. Instead of sugar coating emotions, McIrney believes we should all be upfront and honest about how we’re feeling when someone asks how our day is going. Things aren’t always just ‘fine,’ and it’s okay to embrace that. She tells the not-so-nice truth about motherhood and is super supportive of psychotherapy. After her own encounter with grief and emotional turmoil, McIrney wanted to be a source of support for others in similar situations. Her ability to take pride in vulnerability has granted her podcast critical acclaim.


2 Dope Queens is different from the other podcasts on our list. Instead of sitting in a silent room with a microphone, Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams record their live Brooklyn comedy show and post the audio online. Heightened by real audience laughter, this podcast is guaranteed to keep listeners entertained and hunched over in laughter for an hour. As lifelong best friends, Robinson and Williams bounce off of each other’s jokes effortlessly. Their chemistry as a comedy duo lend to their irresistible charm. Their topics of conversation range from romance, music, living in NYC, to interviews with influential figures like Michelle Obama.


Each episode of this eccentric podcast highlights a different female figure that has impacted history. Beckett Graham and Susan Vollenweider sit and discuss the lives of each woman in detail –– mentioning the accomplishments, challenges, and failures that each endured. Their subjects range from the fictional Mrs. Claus to the celebrated Frida Kahlo. These women are here to deliver the facts. This informational podcast can be interpreted as an innovative method of teaching. Graham and Vollenweider aim to share how women are remembered and how listeners can be inspired by them.


The Call Your Girlfriend podcast consists of exactly what its title demands: two long-distance best friends calling each other on the phone. Co-hosts Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman discuss everything during their weekly chats –– from workplace drama to the current political state. Their fierce opinions and vulnerability allow them to connect with their audience on a deeper level. When sharing what they believe in, they write: “friendship—particularly among women and femme-identified people—is a defining, important, and powerful relationship, and that conversations among friends can be the source of incredible social and political power.”

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