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Rebel Wilson’s Year of Health

Rebel Wilson, known for her roles in Pitch Perfect as well as various comedies, has deemed 2020 her “Year of Health,” stunning fans with her weight loss and fitness progress. Wilson has been known for her roles in Pitch Perfect; in addition however, she has been typecast as the roll of the big, funny actress across most of her features. While she enjoys comedy, she has been vocal about her desire to experience different roles, such as a more serious character. Ultimately, she believes her weight has limited these experiences. Thus, she has been making huge gains, cultivating a balanced diet, and becoming stronger.

Which Diet is Rebel Wilson Using?

With all the controversy surrounding diet culture and misinformation on the internet, many are wondering, how has she done it? Luckily, Rebel Wilson has been entirely transparent about her methods. The inspiring actress has used the Mayr Method. This food plan is accommodating, with few rigid restrictions. The Mayr Method seeks to help individuals improve their digestion under the premise that health develops from a healthy gut. This plan utilizes alkaline foods (less acidic foods) while emphasizing mindful eating practices such as slowing down and actually enjoying food.

Wilson’s Dietary and Behavior Changes

Wilson has focused on changing her diet in a healthy way while also making various behavioral changes. For instance, she is practicing portion control and works to avoid processed foods. She tries to fill her meals with vegetables and healthy fish. In addition, she has revealed that rather than opting for high carb snacks, she’s taken to snacks higher in fat and/or fiber. Rebel’s go-to snacks include zucchini chips, flavored almonds, and chicken breast with guacamole. She is benefitting from all the superfoods such as avocado, fish, and tons of fruits and vegetables.

Her behavioral changes include creating a more active lifestyle and boosting her metabolism with the natural plant, Garcina Cambogia. Furthermore, Wilson has vocalized that although she tries to substitute unhealthy treats for healthier alternatives, she still treats herself! She’s made it clear that indulging in your cravings can be necessary, which is why she has no qualms over treating herself to ice cream.

To her fans she emphasizes,

”Remember though girls, you still gotta treat yourself”

Rebel Wilson has taken her fans and friends along with her on this empowering journey, embracing her growth and strength. After only two months, Wilson is about to hit her weight goal. On October fourth, she announced that she was a mere six pounds from her goal of 165 pounds. Over the course of this journey, loving fans have been incredibly supportive, celebrating the star’s strides.

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