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A Record-Breaking Number of 256 Women Running for Office

There are a record-breaking 256 women running for office in Congress this November. On top of this, 16 women are running for Governor in the states of Hawaii, New Hampshire, Texas, and Vermont.

With more women running for office than ever before, it is important to consider why they are running and what they are seeking to accomplish if winning the election. Here are a two women to look out for this Election Day:

Mikie Sherrill is the Democratic nominee for New Jersey’s 11th Congressional District in the House of Representatives. A former Navy helicopter pilot and federal prosecutor, Sherrill is most importantly seeking to create opportunities for the people she hopes to represent.

If elected, Sherrill seeks to make positive change in many ways, including creating jobs in the solar and wind industries as well as rebuilding the economy by investing in infrastructure projects.

“I fought for this country my whole adult life. There wasn’t a point where I could consciously decide that I was not going to fight for the future of this country,” Sherrill commented on her campaign run.

Mia Love is a Republican Congresswoman running for re-election in Utah’s 4th Congressional District in the House of Representatives. If re-elected, Love would be serving her third term and would continue to pursue the issues closest to her: immigration reform to focus on families, affordable healthcare, and government reform in response to what she describes as “systematic flaws.”

Love’s background makes her time in politics even more inspiring. The daughter of Haitian immigrants, Love began her career fighting a mosquito issue plaguing her hometown of Saratoga Springs, Utah, and eventually served as mayor. In 2014, Love became the first black Republican woman to be elected to Congress.

With the vast number of women on the ballot this November, questions about likelihood of wins are running rampant. An article by The Washington Post includes all the women running for office (with the exception of those seeking re-election) across the United States, along with their likelihood of winning and helpful graphs that depict women’s participation in politics over time.

In terms of motivation, many women felt compelled to take action after the 2016 election and ensure that their voices are heard in Washington. According to EMILY’s List, a political action committee, roughly 25,000 women have contacted the organization since 2016 in regards to running for and holding political office. Tired of the status quo, women have arrived in mass numbers to ignite change.

It is inspiring to witness so many women challenge the norm and run for office this election season. Remember that you should not vote for a candidate simply because she is a woman. When you make your way to the polls November 6, vote for a woman whose policies you agree with and whose vision you wish to see implemented.

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